Mother Films as Huntsman Spider Crawls in Her Son’s Hair

A mom in Western Australia films as a Huntsman spider crawls in her son’s hair. He doesn’t seem to be alarmed in the slightest, in fact, he laughs as it crawls through his hair.

From the video description:

"We live on a farm near a tiny country town in Western Australia. Our family consists of my husband and myself and our 8 children. The children are always finding and bringing all manners of animals and bugs to the house on a daily basis. We frequently see big lizards, snakes and spiders around our house. My nine-year-old son is mad keen about all animals and wants to be a biologist when he grows up. This big huntsman that he found is non-venomous but can give a nasty nip, so I was trying to stay calm. I don’t really mind the kids playing with big harmless spiders and lizards but I draw the line at them bringing home venomous snakes!"



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