Christmas Tree Falls on Kid in an Epic Parenting Fail (Watch)

What says Christmas more than bringing the family out to the forest to chop down your own tree?

A mother decided to document the joyous occasion and filmed while the children gathered around the tree as dad was cutting it down. One child decided to lay down in the snow next to the tree while they waited.

“Lexi, out of the way please… Lexi… LEXI,” the mother screamed as the tree fell on the child. Then in a stern (what have you done) tone, the mother again said “Lexi.” Then, almost sounding relieved she said, “Oh, it’s Lucas.”

She walked closer to the tree, filming the entire way while directing the others to help him as his lifeless legs stuck out from under the branches. Eventually the tree was moved, and dad swooped in to save the day rescuing his crying son.

Luckily, Lucas looks like he will be OK.

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