Shoplifter Thinks Customer That Grabbed Him Should Be Punished

Christopher Simpson admitted to stealing 15 video games from a Greenfield, Wisconsin Walmart.

"Me and my girlfriend decided to steal some video games from the place, and I was the one to walk out with them and she was to come out behind me," said Christopher Simpson. "I'm unemployed and I guess I needed the money, or the merchandise or whatever, but that's no excuse for my criminal behavior."

On the way out of the store a Walmart employee tried to stop him, but he broke free. That’s when customer Mark Hammer stepped in and grabbed Simpson and wrestled him to the ground until police arrived.

"The suspect said he was going to have me arrested for assaulting him," said Mark. "I told him well I'm not assaulting you I'm just holding you until the cops get here."

"I think what he did was wrong and he should be punished for it," Simpson said.

 Simpson was treated for a bumped head and bruised ribs before being taken to jail.

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