TEXT TOPIC: Are you in a controlling relationship?

When my ex and I were together he wouldn’t let me color my hair, didn’t want me to use tampons, he didn’t want me to use medicine when I had a headache or cramps. Thank goodness I wised up and divorce that D

when I met my husband in love the first thing they told me is that their boyfriends didn’t allowed to wear makeup any revealing clothes couldn’t work or go out! Couldn’t get birth control because the man’s not the woman’s with cheat on them it always served them food first before the kids. Luckily my husband was not like that and I had told them why would you treat let them treat you like that. They are still with them to this day that was 6 yrs ago I came into family!

My first marriage my husband was so controlling he would make me give him most of my pay check and he would put his paycheck in our checking account. But if I needed any money he told me I would have to replace it out of the checking. I thought that was normal

Just got out of one. He said he was fine with me having guy friends and talk to people about the relationship, but then would flip out about it to make me feel like I can’t do that, eventually got to the point he tried to make it a rule not to talk about the relationship to anyone. Classic manipulation, isolating the other. So happy I’m out

I was in a very controlling relationship for 21 years 5 months and 22 days. We’ve been divorced almost two years now and he still tries to control everything I do. In fact I recently found out that he has been spying on me and had all my passwords to my social media. He’s a complete psycho and I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be sad if he died.

my ex took my name off the bank account. When I tried to log in & asked him what’s up, he said, if you trusted me, you wouldn’t be bothered. I was only allowed to see my family once a yr & friends only if he was home. He traveled for work and had cameras put in that I didn’t know about...

I’ve started to notice I myself becoming the controlling partner in my relationship. I know why I’m turning that way but I also know I’m going to the relationship because of it and because I’ve realized what I’m doing and its not good

my husband controls all finances. I have no access to any of the bank accounts and I get an allowance. I'm not allowed to talk to my family

hubby likes to track where I am on my phone. Always is asking how many clients I have for the week, I feel like he’s more of a father figure sometimes. So tiring.

moms this way w/ dad. Controls money, social media posts, clothes, speech, everything. Fam has seen it but they try & "be more loving" aka enabling

My best friend is in a controlling relationship. He controls who she speaks with, says he hates her friends so she can’t hang out with us. And when we do manage to get them to hang out he puts lies in her head as to what people are saying about her enough that she gets mad a leaves. They’re finally breaking up though!

I was previously in a relationship where if I did not answer my phone my ex would sign in to my iTunes account and ping my phone from the lost my iPhone feature until I called him back.

about 15 years ago I was in an extremely controlling relationship I could not shower by myself or shave. Tampon change he would do. Thx god I got out of it.

married almost 17 years. Controlled money. If I wanted to go to lunch with friends he would give me $5 trackers on my phone Made me take pictures at work to prove I was there. Controlled how much gas I was allowed. I stayed bc I was worried about providing 4 my kids he pulled a gun on me & that was it. Arrested & divorced that week

my ex husband used to tell me which one of my friends I could and could not spend time with.

I was married at 18 still in school Ex husband used to check car mileage and grocery list and if I was gone longer than he thought he would verbally abuse me and accuse me of ridiculous things. This is just one example. We stayed married for 8 yrs took years of counseling to finally love me

been w/my husband for 12yrs married for 10. He has had me cut off friends, say where I can & can’t take our kids, tell me how late I can stay out, what food I can & can’t buy, whether I can spend my money on certain things or not. I used to hold onto his every word &listen but I’m slowly learning what it means to do what I want and what makes me happy.

2nd marriage I was his personal pornstar. Had over $2k in heels &lingerie & had to wear during sex. He was on the stake high council in LDS church

My brother-in-law won''t let his wife go to family functions. like a baby shower. Because he doesn''t want to spend money on gas to drive down or thegift!! We live in davis county most of his family lives in utah county. He''s RIDICULOUS

high school bf always had to know where I was. If I didn''t answer my cell he would call my bro and house. Would randomly show up wherever I was. Hacked my email. Lied all the time. Threatened suicide every time we fought. Lori hacking was my wake up call.

my mom's boyfriend controls her looks, relationships w/friends & family, money. Almost lost her home. She's met my daughter twice. She's Almost 3.

ex BF wouldn’t want me to be on socials, didn’t want me around boys including my own brother. I would do what I want anyway but it was exhausting. Threatened to kill himself when I left.

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