Layton Barking Lot

Check out our friend, Joe’s, business. It’s called the Layton Barking Lot. This is what is available at his facility: 

48,800 sqft pet care facility, largest in the USA and second in the world. 

18,000 sqft indoor dog park

full service; onsite vet, boarding, grooming, bathing, day care, self wash, cat and pocket pet boarding, large exotics boarding, spa (massage, acupuncture, o2 therapy) snack bar, dog sports, two dock diving pools, and training

FREE boarding for deployed military including food, vet, and grooming

1 staff for every 15 dogs

50 sqft minimum for each day care dog

turf, not tile, epoxy or concrete. Better on joints and avoiding falls

separate staff to clean up poop so the daycare staff can focus on the dogs


Drug rehab programs

train and donate therapy and service dogs to kids

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