Secret Santa Facebook live: December 11, 2018

“I'd like to nominate Deaundra, Brendan, and their baby Delilah. Brendan was laid off from his job just before Thanksgiving and Deaundra was only beginning her second week at her job when it happened she had moved to a sub-company were Brendan worked so they could drive together since the car he had purchased and only had for 2 months completely died beyond repair so getting to their jobs was extremely difficult while also getting the baby to be babysat. It was a very unexpected pregnancy but these two young adults have worked so hard to support their daughter, Delilah is turning 1 on December 16th and I know they are trying so hard to stay positive for the future but getting the phone call from Deaundra sobbing and in tears the day Brendan was laid off was torture. They don't want to burden anyone especially with the holidays they're so strong and independent but I know any help would be a miracle for them. We've tried to help with food as much as we can but we're not financially able to do anything else apart from sharing what was here. I'd be so grateful for any help for them so that this desire they have doesn't disappear at just 19 and 21 years old they have a lifetime to stay hopeful. They are both so willing to help others all the time I know they are stressed about this birthday and the holidays in top of everyday rent and bills I'd love for them to get a little help. Thank you so much for helping anyone out life's so hard and it's truly amazing for families to get this miracle.”



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