TEXT TOPIC: Did someone pull a knife or gun on you?

so when I was about 8 years old me and my friends were down in a ditch playing with some boys and one of them pulled out a machete and started chasing us with it he chased me up the hill and chopped at my foot and it was about an inch from chopping off my heel we never played with them again

on my LDS mission in Kentucky I got a gun pulled on me at the door more than a dozen times. I was never robbed but I know what a 44 magnum barrel feels like on my forehead.

on my mission. Had a knife and a gun pulled on me. Had other companionship actually be shot at.

me and my husband were at a gas station and a guy was at the pump and he said something inappropriate to me. They fought and my husband was winning and the guys passenger pulled out a shotgun

my husband had a gun pulled on him. Early in his life he was involved in a lot of *cough cough* illegal activity. Long story he got shot in the leg and they still can''t remove all the fragments of the bullet. Whenever it''s gonna rain his leg tingles.

robbed at gunpoint 15 years ago while at work. Found out the robber was only robbing women working alone. Still have a bit of PTSD from that day

Had a tenant pull gun on me when I tried to evict him. After that, didn't want to be landlord anymore. Let place foreclose

my husband was attacked with a machete because he was an American in the Dominican Republic. His chest was cut and he had to stitch it himself.

a couple years ago I worked at an insurance office. Held up at gun point. He got $40. No one was hurt luckily.

cop pulled a gun on me. He was on training. His training officer was a close friend. In the middle of the Uintahs went to give friend a hug. Rookie thought I had bad intentions.

not me, but my aunt was driving in Salt lake and a man jumped in her car with a knife and told her where to drive. Then jumped out and carjacked another car.

my niece's bio dad came over and pulled a gun on my sister. I moved in between them and said, you get one shot, but it'll take more than that to stop me.

saw a stabbing right in front of me on my mission. A woman stabbed another woman in the neck, chest, and arm. It started a giant brawl at sketchy motel. She was bleeding all over

me and my boyfriend seen one of our friends walking one night so we stopped and asked if he wanted a ride, he jumped in the car as we started driving off all of a sudden there was about four police cars behind us with there lights on. our friend jumped out of the car and ran when I pulled over all four police cars surrounded us yelling for us to put our hands out the window telling us not to move when I looked behind me they all had there guns drawn an pointed at us they commanded us to get out of the car one at a time and walk backwards towards them.. most scariest time of my life! Long story short the friend we picked up was threatening a man and the man seen the police officers and ran to them saying he had a gun on him

My best friend and I were walking in downtown SLC when a car full of men drove by and catcalled us. I flipped them off. They rolled back around and the man in the backseat pointed a gun at us. My friend dropped to the ground screaming and I yelled at him to do it. They sped off.

in the 7th grade I was arguing with a kid my age who wanted to beat me up. Once the argument was over and nothing happened. On my way home me and my two friends had a guy in high school (about 4-5) years older pull a knife out on us, threatening us to not bug the kid I was arguing with

had a gun pulled on me my third day in the mission field out tracting in Cleveland Apparently he'd already heard the good word lol

my cuzn had a gun pulled on him in Tijuana because they thought his braces were made of white gold ! They ended up taking his shoes.

working at a sandwich shop in bountiful, robbed at gunpoint by 2 guys right before closing. Didn't even get most of the money

took my dog for a walk she was in our canal chasing the ducks and the neighbor pulled a gun on me for her to get out I was about 11

me and my friend were driving when we were 18 or so and a car full of guys pulled a gun on us and chase us around the neighborhood

My Dad, brother and my brother''s girlfriend were selling fireworks years ago on the 4th if July. A guy came and pulled a gun on them stole money and fireworks.

2 guys broke into my boyfriends car he and his dad went out tried to stop them and a guy pulled a knife and cut him and he still has a scar

my dad & I saw some guy punch his pregnant gfriend, we stepped in, turned into us against 4 dudes. We were winning when 6 cops surrounded us and guns drawn. We dropped the dudes and they took off while we stood there looking at guns

Last year, it was a week before Christmas and my ex boyfriend pulled a knife out on me and my sister in law when we came to get a Christmas presentthat we were hiding at my house. He then held it to his neck, we called the cops and he was taken to the hospital

had a sawed off fun pulled on me and a few neighbor kids in my backyard when we were younger by gang members that lived on the next block over

at 15 was taken down at gun point by lehi police while my boys and I were having a smoke session = I didn''t even get to hit it dang it !

Guy pulled a gun on us in junior high because we walked through his yard when we were playing Fugitive

got held up at a tanning salon years ago! I thought it was a joke at first because...... who robs a tanning salon! Seriously!

my husband was drunk in Miami. Took a cab back to the hotel, cab driver pulled in a dark alley and pulled a gun. Took everything he had and left him

I live in Taylorsville and it caught on my ring three kids walking and one pulled the gun the other kids had I have it all recorded

had a gun pulled on me over mistaken identity in Ogden I had to prove I wasnt who they thought I was

My 9 year old daughter and I had a knife pulled on us while we were in Portland for a competition.

At 14 I was working at my dad's pharmacy a guy held me at gun point while robbing the store. 2 years later my dad was killed in a robbery.

My ex pulled a gun on me shortly after I filed for divorce. He showed up at the house and took our baby out of my arms at gunpoint. He was arrested just as the other children were getting home from school. Traumatizing for them and me

I was 16 and one of my ex gf dad pulled out his old 6 shooter from the western days. I remember how long it was just sitting right against my chest just crapping myself. He thought I was robbing them when I was really just getting it with his daughter haha .joke on me I got a trespassing ticket that night sucked

my freshman yr of college I went to a guys house. I was coming out of the bathroom and his roommate was there and pulled out a gun. He pointed it atmy head. I think he thought it was a funny joke but it terrified me beyond words. I have issues to this day!!

my brother used to have major anger issues and pulled a knife on me bc I talked while he was playing video games when we were teens. I was trying tokeep him from stabbing me while yelling for my dad. My dad came in tackled him and got the knife away. Thankfully bro has chilled out a lot

We were in the parking lot when a guy came up with a knife demanding money. Needless to say we have our concealed weapons and the guy left.

my mom was babysitting as a teenager and some guy came to the door with pantyhose over his head and put a gun to her head asking where the parents were. We found out as kids when he put pantyhose on our heads and she freaked out.

Robbed 2x at knife point robbed at gunpoint point. Shot at once while in a group in HS. Never living in Ca again.

my friends and I had a gun pulled on us when we were 16. It was summer and we were at a park having fun when an angry guy pulled up in a truck pointing a gun at us for being too loud. It was only 7pm. Guy said he would shoot us dead if we didn''t leave.

I remember walking home from school with my friends this car pulls up group of guys 1 pulled a gun out words was exchanged pulled the trigger but gun was on safety

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