Teacher Evacuates Classroom Because of Student’s Hat

A student came to class wearing a Make America Great Again hat and several students made comments about it. The teacher asked the student to remove the hat and they had a discussion as to why he should remove it but the student held his ground.

The teacher eventually gave the student an ultimatum, “You’re putting me in a position where I’m either going to gather everybody up and go to another classroom. And you can remain here, like an *******. Or, you can take your hat off, or you can go talk to an AP about it. What do you want to do?”

The student chose to stay in the classroom and that’s when the teacher had the students move to a different classroom.

Update: Based on information contained in another video posted on the youtube channel below, the incident appears to have taken place at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, MN. According to the school's student handbook, hats are not to be worn in school.

Warning: May contain language that is unsuitable for some.

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