Rhett Carbine Wheelchair Fund

A boys (Rhett Carbine) wheelchair was stolen and it was a custom wheelchair that had built in oxygen tanks. Shriners Hospital has loaned them a temporary wheelchair until they recover theirs or can get a new one. We are raising money to get Rhett a new wheelchair. If for some reason the wheelchair is recovered, the money raised will go to Shriners Hospital to help other families in a similar situation.

Rhett Carbine was born with a rare genetic disorder, short rib-polydactyly syndrome type 2, which Andrea explained is a lethal skeletal dysplasia.

When he was a year old, Rhett started years of surgeries to expand his rib cage. When he was around 10, he said his ribs and lungs stopped growing.

“I don't take in as much oxygen as a normal person would, because of my small lungs,” he said.

With the lungs of a child, the 19-year old can’t breathe without an oxygen tube. Andrea said his lungs only function at 11 percent.

While walking around his house, Rhett is always tethered to his oxygen machine. The long hose connects from his nose to the machine—which is constantly humming and pumping fresh air. He carries slack from the hose with him where ever he goes.

Rhett can’t walk long distances, and he isn’t able to leave the home without taking his oxygen tanks. Because of that, the family said he uses an electric wheelchair with a special metal oxygen tank storage system.

To help Rhett through a donation click here!

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