Salt Lake City Is Second in the Nation for Package Thefts by ‘Porch Pirates

SafeWise looked at larceny-theft rates and Google Trends data to identify the most and least risky places for package theft. They compared year-round data with incidents during the holiday season to identify the best and worst metro areas for porch piracy.

  1. Austin
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  4. Atlanta
  5. Raleigh-Durham
  6. Seattle-Tacoma
  7. Houston
  8. Dallas-Fort Worth
  9. Tampa-St. Petersburg
  10. Boston

How to Prevent Porch Theft

Here are some tools and best practices to protect your Black Friday purchases and make those porch pirates walk the plank:

  • Use package delivery tracking
  • Add insurance and require a signature for delivery
  • Use a package locker (Amazon Lockers, PO Box)
  • Install security cameras or a doorbell camera
  • Send your goodies to the office or pick them up in person (UPS, FedEx)

What to Do If a Package Is Stolen

Precautions are a must, but sometimes packages get purloined anyway. If you’re a victim of package theft, here are some things you can do to minimize the damage:

  • Contact the carrier and the retailer
  • File a report with insurance, police, the carrier, etc.
  • Alert your credit card company
  • Check your video footage
  • Check your neighbor’s video footage

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