GoFund Me for child who swallowed 14 small magnets

Medical Bills for Mikah

On Oct. 31st, Mikah accidentally swallowed 14 tiny powerful magnets.  Because Blake and Aubrey did not know he swallowed the magnets, they thought he was sick with a very bad case of the stomach flu.  For three days, the magnets traveled through his digestive system causing major damage.  The magnets perforated his bowels.  On Saturday, November 3rd Mikah went in for emergency surgery  to remove the magnets and remove a section of damaged intestine. He had his appendix removed as well.  For the next 7 days Mikah was under the watchful eyes of doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center.  They couldn't understand why his fevers would not break and his intestines would not "wake up." Unfortunately, his bowels were still leaking bile which eventually led to a second life saving surgery.  It is truly a miracle this little boy survived.  At this time, he is still in the hospital and there is no projected ‘go home’ date. Mikah is a fighter and they are hopeful for a quick recovery. His parents are extremely grateful for the prayers and support. The intention of this page is to help Aubrey and Blake raise money to pay Mikah's hospital bills.  Mikah's accident was unexpected and Blake has missed a lot of work to care for his son.  Any money raised over the goal will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  Aubrey is forever grateful for the sanctuary it provides during this very difficult time.  Again, thank you for your love, support, and prayers.



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