TEXT TOPIC: Who do you want to thank for Thankful Thursday?

I''m thankful for my beautiful daughter who was brave enough and trusting enough to "come out" to me and her father this week. I''m proud of you and love you infinitely.

I want to say thank you to my hubby Brady. He works hard so I can stay home with our kids. He is honestly my best friend and I love him more every day.

I am thankful for my husband Kamu, I love you babe. You are my best friend.

i am thankful for Jaxon, Luke, Landon, and Ella for making me an aunt, and always can make a bad day a great day. Love you all.

I want to say thank you to my husband, he has worked so hard to pay our car off and we did yesterday. This is the first thing we have paid off since we''ve been married. Love the weight off our shoulders. Thank you babe. I love you!

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Debbie, for being an amazing wife and mother. Happy 18th anniversary, love you.

I''m grateful for my 17 year old girl who is finally taking her education seriously and getting her high school diploma 6 months early I''m so proud of you Bryndee

i want to thank my wonderful amazing husband who goes through hoops for use family of 7! And my wonderful mother whos always there for me no matter what!!! And a big thank u to my ex and his wife for being great parents and showing u care qnd having this amazing co parenting seeing the smile and love and happiness in my girls eyes is worth the relationship we have with them! And most of all thank u zht crew u all make my day every day and make me laugh to myself i hope no ones this im crazy! Love u guys!

I am so thankful for the firefighters everywhere and even the prison inmates in CA getting together, risking their lives to help with these fires!

My name is Gina and I work for Salt Lake Coty Fire Dept, I want to also that our firefighters in California. My sister lives in Thousand Oaks and I believe that''s where our firefighters are right now

my family, I''m 25 weeks pregnant and recently learned that baby has a rare condition that once he is born he will die. My family has been amazing andso supportive through it all. Couldn''t do it without them.

thank you Jess for making me laugh every morning. Your kindness and big heart helps me through my darkest times lately. Thank you.

I need to thank the car pool driver. I have to work and she gets my kids to school and even picks them up if one is sick. She is a blessing beyond what she could possibly imagine. Thanks Sheila

I just wanna say thanks to my wife misty. Weve been together for over 5 years and married for 3 . Although we have our problems like any couple . Shes always stuck by me when I''ve been a brat . I love you babe .

I would love to say thank you to my beautiful pregnant wife.

thank you to LDS addiction recovery program. Making progress to over come pornography. Praise the Lord!!

I just want to say thanks to my amazing parents. I''ve run into some financial issues lately so my mom paid for my car payment and groceries and my dad paid for my rent. Love you guys!

thanks to my hubby who got in from Denver last night at 11:30 and went right to my daughters school to fix her car. We love you!

I''m thankful for my hubby Jeff. He works hard for our family and even in a crappy work situation, he keeps his head up and looks at the positives and moves on. Love you honey bear!

I'm thankful for my family, home, pets, friends & job. I'm blessed for having all this.

Tim Ballard is a hero. Can''t even explain my admiration of him! I love Tim, his mission, his family, etc. truly amazing! I wish I could be 1/100th of the man that he is! Thanks Tim!

thank you to my love and partner in life for being strong enough to face your own demons and get better for our family

thanking IMC and Jordan Valley cancer center for treating me. Cancer free

I want to thank my husband for taking a job that he won''t absolutely love but knows it''s going to help out family get on our feet and get our heads above water! Love you Tay bay bay

Thanks too my wife for taking care of me through 2 fights with Cancer and taking care of everything while I''ve spent way to much time in and out of hospitals. You are my Rock I Love You Becky

I want to thank my daughter, son in law and family for always loving me and supporting me. Thank you morning zoo. U r the best!

I want to my mom, after my father passed away she worked to the bone to raise me and my bro and sister. I know your listening mom (Katherine)

I want to tell my husband Brad Anniversary day of 18 years thanks for being a great dad and Husband!!!

Thanks to those who serve our country and sacrifice their life''s! Sgt Cory Peterson who''s life we will be celebrating tomorrow. Prayers to family during this difficult time. Love you all – Jess

I want to thank dr Luke Jenkins at the UofU hospital. I''ve had a rare stomach problem and infection in my body, when other doctors just want to do an extreme surgery to get me better, he''s taken his time to study my issue and keep me home every night with my wife and son. I wouldn''t be here today ifit wasn''t for him.

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