TEXT TOPIC: Who Called Off The Engagement And Why?

Who called off the engagement and why?

Best friend called off engagement with a dude to be with a girl

was telling ex fiancé I didn’t think we were emotionally and financially ready to get married. He kept saying but my mom won’t let us fail

had a pregnancy scare. Realized I didn't want him to father my kids

1st he was gay. 2nd he said God told him to stay with me even though he didn't love me. 3rd he was a rich bigot kid with anger issues. Can we say #enough?

He thought he was beautiful and he kept of trying to force country music on me. I. HATE. COUNTRY. MUSIC!!

Engagement ended in 2000. Boyfriend was flying back from a trip and asked him if he needed a ride from the airport. He said he''d just take a shuttle. I decided to surprise him at his gate and when he walked off the flight another woman greeted him with a kiss and hug. I walked behind them for a bit.There arms were around each other. I finally walked passed and waved.

Called off my engagement bc he wanted me to stay at home instead of pursue my career despite not being able to support himself or having any career aspirations #sugarmommanomore

finance broke it off because I was too overweight. He hooked up the night I left him

broke off my engagement when I found out he was sleeping with his ex-wife, and found out he was a cross dresser

I’m 48 I was engaged for about 6 months.. He wasn’t a nice person. It was off when he called me the "C" word and then called my kids names that was it for me

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