TEXT TOPIC: Is Your House Haunted, Or Did You Live In A House That Was?

Is Your House Haunted, Or Did You Live In A House That Was?

Friends house in Heber, the ghost would swing art on wall pull bedding off tickle feet play w/ hair & hit the string that turns on the bedroom lights

sometimes believe my house is haunted. Tues night I heard a woman s voice in my room say Jack. I live alone.

lived in a haunted house for 5 years in rose park. When i had my son he was only about 3 months old. We put him in his crib in the far corner of our room. While we were sleeping we heard a really loud bang and then the baby started screaming. My son was all the way on the other side of the room by the door and it sounded like he had been dropped from up high. had a huge bump on back of his head. It was terrifying.

my old house was haunted it was one bedroom you got q bad feeling every time you passed it also door would slam shut and daughter took a picture of a black shadow behind her through the tv

my 4 yr old sees people in our house that we've owned less than a yr.

lived at my in-laws whose house is over 100. It is haunted. There's a group of spirits of teen boys. They tried pushing me downstairs

I turned around and yelled "leave me alone!" and they didn't bother me after that

My girlfriends parents asked us to house watch because they went camping. We were alone and snuggled up watching Netflix with her2 dogs. So Her nieces play room is the room over and a random toy starts playing , two Loud Smacks against the wall, a couple foot steps and the door knob shakes and the Dogs got the biggest Mohawks. GOOSEBUMPS while typing this

Our old apartment was haunted. My my great grandma. (It was her house before she died) I never believed anyone until I lived there and I would hear someone stomping around when no one else was home. And the tv and the WiFi box would turn on and off.

lived in a house in old midvale , felt like always someone was behind you , would hear foot steps . Later found out that the previous owner had hung himself

we have a ghost that follows us everywhere. It turns the lights on and off. If we say we know you're here it stops

My brother was possessed by something that was in our house. When this thing would enter his body, his whole body would shake, and would speak in a different language.

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