TEXT TOPIC: It's Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for?

It's Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for?

SO thankful for honest people. Lost my wallet at the U of U game on Saturday. Had no idea til Sunday. The person who found it was trying to get a hold of me on social media to let me know they’d found it. I can’t express my gratitude. I was sick about it - when I finally realized. I''m a dummy.

Thank you to the sweet ladies who found my lost purse at Gardener Village last night and took it to the West Jordan police dept. You are angels!

want to thank my boyfriend for being patient & caring, for accepting me for who I am & for not judging me for what I've done. I love you GR!!

want to thank my neighbor for letting use his phone to call my mom when my dog thought it would be a good idea to lock me out of my condo without my phone or keys. And for hanging out with me and lending me a coat until my sister showed up a few hours later to let me in.

thank you to my amazing wife For taking care of our 2 beautiful young girls while I work the graveyard shift she is the most amazing woman for putting up with my mood swings I''m the luckiest girl ever

Thanks to my husband Kelley for working hard for our family with no complaints. TP forever babe!

thank you to my dad, Chris, for always being there for me, even though I'm nearly 30. I appreciate everything you do and have done for me.

thank you to my amazing parents James and Michelle Allred for always loving unconditionally and giving selflessly! Blessed beyond measures

Thank you to my amazing in laws for all of their help with our wedding and for loving me like their own daughter. I couldn''t be more grateful for their amazing family.

want to thank the crossing guard at our kids school. Today is her last day before she has her 3rd son. We've known her for 5 years now. We will miss her!

the good bad and ugly of it. Job I love. And I am thankful for your show. You brighten my day when down celebrate the good and inform me always

thankful for my hubby he is amazing to our 3 kids, 2 have special needs. And to me over the years with my mental illness.

Thank you to my parents for being the best people on this planet. My best friend died earlier this year and my depression and anxiety have been SO bad. They have always been there for a shoulder to cry on and to talk to. Love them so much

HUGE thanks to my boyfriend. I found out some tough news about my aunt this week & he has gone above & beyond to make sure I'm okay.

I'm thankful to have ears that I can hear your wonderful show, also my curves that I can look good in my Supergirl Costume-Lily

thankful my son got his grades up so we can treat him to the Mike Shinoda concert!! Well done Kaden!!

thankful for my grandma. She's always there when I need a hug! Or anything

just want to thank all the EMT First Responders and ER workers. With all these accidents lately I can't imagine what they go through daily.

wanted to say thank you to my fiance Amanda. I love you very much for everything you ever do. Thank you for the great 5 years. And many more.

thankful for my mother in law Mindy for taking care of our girls last night so we could go watch Hunter Killer. It was AMAZING!!

I''m thankful for my in-laws giving us the opportunity to build our forever home. 13yrs living in 1400 sqft with 6 ppl and 1 bathroom

want to thank my grandpa. Just for always being there, listening when I needed to talk, and being an overall wonderful human being.

My son. He's my reason to keep going when times are hard. I couldn't love anyone more.

Thanks to the in home care nurses and physical therapist that are helping my sweet grandma recover from her fall a few weeks ago. These are special people and our family is so thankful for their kindness to my grandma.

my in laws. I've been a part of the family for 15 years and have always felt welcome and loved. They rock!! Seriously couldn't have asked for better.

Thank you to my big sister. We've really been struggling lately and my sister has helped me and my family in SO many ways. Truly grateful for her!

want to thank my friend Lisa for giving me the push I needed to leave my dead end job and believing in me and my abilities when I wasn''t even sureI believed in myself. I start my new job in one week and I can''t believe how much my mental health has improved since putting in my two weeks at my current job to get out of the toxic environment

my husband recently has issues with work and has been out of work for about a month leaving me supporting our family of 7 alone and doesn''t quite even pay the bills and grateful to secret friend who knows me but didn''t identify themselves who gave us a $200 gift card to Smith''s #angelsamongus

Thank you Mom for everything you have done after Dad''s death. We are coming up on 3 years after his passing and you have been a warrior holding our family together while we all wanted to fall apart. You are my ROCK!

I am so thankful for my bestie Vicki...she has had quite the challenging 3 years...but she has risen higher than ever.

Hubby had a stroke on Sunday. The phone calls, texts, meals, and love we received this week has been incredible. From the very bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We are so lucky

i wanna thank my husband for putting up with me and always being a great dad and loving father to his kids and step! And thank my mother for always being at my side no matter what!!! And thank u guys for making my day everyday!! Love u guys

thank you to my wife for allowing my two brothers to move in with us and being a great role model

thankful for my sweet fiance walker I love you and my besties Felicia and Justin and my beautiful sissy! You keep me going even at my lowest of lows.

want to say thank you to my best friend Megan. She has been there for me and always been there through good times and bad. Thank you to my best friend.

thankful for my family being there for me and helping me with my little girl while going through a miscarriage

so grateful to my kids and boyfriend for taking care of the 5 dogs and 3 horses while I travel for work

Thank you to my mother in law, and all aunties on my husband side that took part in raising my husband. Because of all you beautiful island women, my husband is a true gentleman and a kind man.

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