TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a tattoo regret?

Do you have a tattoo regret?

When I was 18 I picked a terrible tribal tattoo off the wall 18 years later I covered it up.

Biggest regret of my life, 10 years ago when I was 17 my cousins talked me into getting a hatchet man (insane clown posse) and it was with a home made gun. Looks like crap! I don''t even like them and now labeled a gang member and get so much crap for it.

best friend tattoos with my the girl that is now married to my ex husband.. biggest regret of my life!

I have 3 horrible tattoo, one getting removed, another turtle that looks like a penis, love written in Chinese

Big regret exes nickname in a heart. hurt more to have the cover up done later. He wasnt worth it. Dont do it people

first tat- three stars on my hip. Typically 18yr old first tat 10 yrs ago.

have a snowflake tattoo on my back that my sisters old boyfriend did. To get back at her for something she said he purposely rushed it and now it looks like a 4 year old drew it. If was suppose to represent my sisters, I cried!

my friend gave me a tattoo in an abandoned house with a homemade tattoo gun it got infected and scarred it doesn’t resemble what I wanted at all!

have six tattoos and I "ragret" only one. It''s my horoscope sign but it isn''t finished and I''ve had three kids since I started this tattoo and now it just look discolored and weird. I really need to finish it!

Got a Kanji symbol and had it covered up. I finally realized I''m not Japanese! But now I wish I would''ve just got it removed and I''m regretting the coverup. SMH

Dumb 18 year olds. My husband and I let someone "practice" with a homemade tattoo gun. I got a cross, he got his nickname. He got his covered, mine is still in the middle of my back looking terrible. Haven’t taken the leap to get it covered yet.

Was newly married. Wife cheated six weeks into the marriage

have half of a Yin-Yang and my "BFF" has the other half. We haven't spoken in seven years.

when I was 17 @ 100lbs, I got a huge tribal scorpion on lower back #trampstamp

My brother in law got a tattoo on Friday the 13th because they were having a special for particular tattoos for $13, and it was supposed to look like a bullet casing but instead looks like a micropenis on his ankle >#>#># He absolutely hates it!

had my dad's initials Tattooed on my rib cage not realizing until afterwards the people interpret DNR as do not Recess aetate. I'm 23.

regret the blue heart on my shoulder because the artist kept pushing me to get something bigger. Now it's scarred and fading bad.

matching tattoo with my boyfriend. We broke up 3 weeks later

got promise on my pinky. Its faded so bad it looks like it says pms

at 16 I got a home tattoo. Was supposed to be lips from rocky horror. Now I tell people it's a birthmark. Been told it looks like flying booger

19 yr old ex husband married 6 mos has my giant face covering his chest. He threatens to put horns on it

have 2 different roses or for 2 different ex best friends, fml, they are basement tattoos to so not the best lol

used to be a drug addict and I got a tattoo on my chest the DC Shoe Company sign kind of in memory cuz we all used to skateboard and get high I''m a lot older now with children and it''s the only tattoo I have and is definitely an embarrassment and I look forward to getting it removed I did celebrate four years clean yesterday though

While waiting for a friend to get a tattoo, I decided to get one too (I have many) and picked a sun off the wall at the shop. Loved it until someone informed me it was the Godsmack sun

have a lipstick tattoo where my elbow bends.its fine as long as my arm is straight,if I bend my arm it looks like a Penis

My wife got matching tattoos on her ring finger with her ex. We are lesbians and the symbol looks like male genitalia. Lesbian fail

matching tattoos with best friend and found out 2 yrs later she had an affair with my hubby.

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