Mayor Will Detain Paroled Sex Offenders on Halloween Night

Mayor of Grovetown, Georgia, Gary E. Jones, plans to round up 25-30 local paroled sex offenders on Halloween night to prevent them from having contact with children.

The sex offenders will stay at city hall for three hours on Halloween night while law enforcement watches them.

The mayor said this is necessary to “to ensure the safety of our children.” The Washington Post said that children more than likely aren’t in any more danger on Halloween night compared to any other night of the year when it relates to sexual predators.

Many commenters on the Mayor’s facebook post have questioned the legality of this idea but he followed up his original post with “This is legal….. good grief!”

The Mayor's post reads:

“In order to ensure the safety of our children, all sex offenders (on Probation) in the City of Grovetown (area) will be housed in the Council Chambers on Halloween night from 6pm-9pm. There are approx. 25-30 offenders and they will be overseen by the GA Dept. of Community Supervision District 10 (4 officers) and accompanied by one Grovetown Officer.”

Photo: City Of Grovetown, Georgia

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