TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that got shot while hunting?

TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that got shot while hunting?

my dad shot a guy on the hunt it was an accident for 26 years then admitted to it being intentional to keep him from testifying

My brother was shot while hunting with my dad. Thank goodness it wasn’t fatal. He was shot in the leg, it shattered his femur bone, he was in a body cast all fall & winter. He was wearing an orange vest & hat. The shooter shot at movement, he didn’t even get out of his truck. My brother still walks with a limp, very sad

Last month my nephew had a crossbow go off accidentally and shoot the arrow through his arm

my dads friend was hunting and someone in his party tripped and fell and shot him in the back. It ended up killing him. My dad hasn't hunted since

my entire hunting party(wife, brother in-law, nephew and myself) got shot on opening day of duck hunting which happened 3 weeks ago. Hunter''s were standing way to close behind us, Knew we were there but still shot directly at us while shooting at a duck. We all took bb''s to either is the head or back.

had a coworker that was hunting with his son that was on vaca leave from the military when my coworker stabbed and nicked his heart while cutting up a deer and passed away while his son was putting pressure on his chest. They tried to meet up with life flight but was nothing they could do. Sure miss him. RIP joe

my uncle got shot in the leg by his son while hunting he has had an artificial leg since then

I was shot during the pheasant hunt when I was 8 years old. Luckily only one BB hit me in the face. The Dr''s from primary children’s said you are damn lucky as the BB stop right before hitting your jaw, ear and eye

Grammy was the one who got accidentally shot. 25+Years ago she went hunting with grandpa & her rifle was loaded, she went through some trees & a limb caught the trigger & shot her in her big toe. He rushed her to the hospital & she lost her toe. #Loveyougrammy #Stayawayfromweapons

I was peppered by a shotgun while feeding cattle I confronted the hunters it was a friend and his brother-in-law a priest I didn't say to much

My husband was hunting with his dad when he was a teen. He was target practicing with a little 22 handgun and accidentally shot himself in the shin. Ricocheted off his shin bone and landed in his boot. He still has the flattened bullet.

Years ago my grandpa was out on the lake with my grandma and arrow where is by him and cut the tip of his nose. Never hunted since

my husband's brother shot him in the back 23 years ago & was so traumatized still he took his own life last month.

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