TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a bad or weird reaction to a medication?

Text Topic: Did you have a bad or weird reaction to a medication?

has a strange reaction to sulfa... made my skin burn everywhere and had tiny red dots all over my face neck and hands. Lesson learned... no sulfa for me

had a reaction to morphine after my last baby was born. Didnt let them put it in my spinal for my c-section, but when it was in my iv afterward, i broke out in hives.

took Compazine suppositories to help with severe morning sickness and it basically made my spinal column curl up and my head leaned backwards and there was nothing I could do to bring it forward

my mom was given morphine post surgery, her heart stopped and she died. It was on her chart that she was allergic.

My Gma turns into a bitch on Valium. She is a calm, quiet, loving person, until Valium kicks in, my Gpa hit a bump in the road & set her off once.

took Doxycycline and I was lucky enough to have a rare side effect kick in that makes you blind. When my vision became impaired I went to eye doctor and luckily did not have damage to anything ocular. Always read the side effects on a new medicine!

Weird reaction to meds, i had a stroke at 26 due to birth control. I worked my butt off and am healthy and well now!

was put on an antibiotic (niteofuritan) and within 2 days my life changed. I pretty much had all the symptoms of MS. I couldn’t walk, I was shaking all the time, I had the worst pain inside my body. No one could figure it out. I stopped them and a year and a half later I have auto immune diseases and am in chronic pain. Whatever is in that triggered something in my body. Absolutely horrible.

yes I swell in random patches with Tylenol. So sometimes it''s one hand, both feet, sometimes a few fingers or a random patch on my face, eyes or lips. I look like a cartoon character

took prescription for my vertigo, less than 10 minutes I started to get heavy breathing n fall down on top of my bed can''t move at all, I was alone, alert but panic, I was just prayed to God to keep me stay awake n alert, it lasted for half a day.

went into liver failure from Bactrim

had a reaction to a nausea medicine (compazine) it cause me to have lock jaw. It went away but it was terrible.

almost died from mynocycline. I had a horrible allergic reaction and my throat closed up

Percocet until I had back surgery. After that I broke out in hives all over when I took it.

took an antibiotic that started to weaken my tendons. I was getting out of the car and my quad muscle completely tore of the tendon! Hurt like a biotch. 3 days in the hospital and was extremely limited for 4 months.

took the minocycline as well, and had horrible swollen bruising ... called erythema nodosum, so painful !

had reflux when I was a child. As a result, I was on anabiotic's for seven years. I now can't eat anything without puking.

My Mom gave me a baby aspirin when I was 4 years old & both of my kidneys stopped working. For 16 days they were shut down & on the 16th day they started working. Miracle...

my wife got a rash from a sulfa based antibiotic, the ER doctor didn't believe it was the antibiotic, tested for west nile. #notwestnile

You know the reaction in Hitch? Me + Cephdinir (antibiotic) made half my face and ear swell to 3x the size! The ER was shocked and laughing Lol

My sister has bad reactions to all narcotic pain pills. Once she took Percocet and had a seizure and passed out while in public.

had a reaction to nortriptylene. It made my arm and my right pinky and ring finger go numb. So strange

My husband took Percocet Had the hiccups for 12 hours

My husband had a constant cough day & night for over a year because of taking high blood pressure medicine.

was put on Magnesium sulfate while I was in labor and my air way closed up and they had to put me on air and I Swelled up all while I was trying to push out my baby!!

reaction to cephalexin while on vacation and my whole body was swollen but my face was one red beet with bumps

this topic is so hard to listen to as a pharmacist. You're scaring people to take meds when some people really need them

I've heard of a couple friends suffering sleep paralysis after taking Tylenol pm.

When I take Ibuprofen it makes my lips swell up as if I had bad botox, then my eyes started to swell up, went to the allergist told me basically my skin was allergic to itself, had to figure out myself it was ibuprofen

got a blood clot from birth control.

getting surgery so they gave me antibiotics the nurse hung the it and instantly felt like my skin was on fire and itching they hung the one I was allergic

my mom had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic. ER told her she was schizophrenic and on a mental breakdown. but it was an allergic react

Was prescribed a sulfa medication and ended up with huge hives all over my body. I was just a kid and it was a horrible experience.

had an allergic reaction to sulfa. When I went into the dr he told me if I wouldnt have taken benadryl the night before bed that I would be dead.

had a reaction to the Anthrax Vaccine I received in the Air Force, a chronic cough I've had for 14 years, I was Medically Separated in 2005 because of it.

Allegra is an allergy med. within 30 min of taking it my throat swelled shut. I'm allergic to allergy meds!

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