TEXT TOPIC: Fighting Couples

TEXT TOPIC: Do you know a couple that is always fighting when you get together with them? Or, are you the couple that is always fighting?

I was that couple with my ex husband. My mom called us the bickersons. I hated it, it was embarrassing but my ex husband loved to argue. He picked fights because he liked it. Story told short I left the marriage and I’m happy to be with someone that doesn’t like to argue.

My husband has friends that fight ALL THE TIME! We were on vacation and they were having full on screaming matches in PUBLIC! I would quietly walk away so I wouldn’t be seen with them.

everyday with my ex for 4 years was a argument no matter where we were he would pick one he would argue in the grocery store parent’s house dinner anywhere if things didn’t go his way or he didn’t get what he wanted or he didn’t like the situation he would pick a fight to leave because he knew I would get pissed

my best friends husband is such a jerk and a total fun sucker. Any time we''re together, he just spends the whole time making fun of her and insulting her to the point that nobody even knows what to say. They invited us on a cruise with them, yeah that''s gonna be a no for me!

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