Passive Aggressive Tuesday

PASSIVE AGRESSIVE TUESDAY: Time for everyone’s favorite topic!! Go ahead and tell us what you want to say and we’ll read it on air! #frankieandjess

Stop posting things how men are terrible and than complaining why you can never get a date or keep a boyfriend

we met 3 months ago, still just dating but no relationship.. hope you get serious soon.. not waiting forever dude..

Yes we get you're the "mother"! Maybe you should actually be one, not just carry the title. Then maybe your child would come to you with problems.

you are always trying to screw me over and always doing crap that is to make things better for you, but guess what your an ex for a reason. And you know your messing with the wrong person

Hey, I'm on the phone with a customer. Stop yelling and talking about your problems. The customer can hear you. Do you not have an inside voice?

I''m so glad my boss can force me to use my unpaid lunch for company time. Thanks boss for making me cancel my pain specialist appointment for lunch with all of you

the truth always comes out!! People WILL find out your lies. I don't have to rebut on social media

Thanks for taking my recipe that you asked for and selling it all over the internet.

Obviously I don't want to talk to you, stop calling me... p.s. how was my ex??

Keith I'm not into you. Please stop telling me about your sex dreams you have with me. It's really not helping.

you're a terrible landlord and you make everything uncomfortable, you should have left the property with a property management company

dear boss, stop scheduling me to work on days that I request off, I request them off for a reason, thank you.

dear manager man up and write up the worker who has been late at least twice every week for the past 3 years ! What a joke !

just because you are turning right doesn't mean you have the right of way

Okay DUDE dont convince me to give you a second chance, and when I wont do anything before a first date. Classy

Just because I've started showing doesn't mean you can touch me or my stomach. I don't like being touched when I'm not pregnant. Hasn't changed!

dear coworker when we have our morning meeting and u like to be the know it all jackass and always have something smart to say!! well here''s what I have to say " shut the hell up...u aint cool!!! "

hey jack wad! Don''t tell me your excited to interview me for the manager roll then have your squib take me to lunch while you interview other people in order to try and hide it and not give me an interview. Just be honest.

be a mom. Your daughter who is only 19 was homeless u til I took her in again and you haven't taken care of her in years. No man or drug is more important

just because your marriage sucks and you are unhappy does NOT mean you can try and ruin mine. Stop sending snaps and messages to my husband and use that energy to fix your own issues.

Im generally the token black guy 99% of the time. But are black jokes required the moment I walk in the door? Struggles of hanging out with ignorant people.

Asking someone when they''re due is incredibly cruel. I''m not pregnant. I was self conscious on my own. Thanks for confirming I look fat. You''re grown women, got should know better

yes I changed your diapers and took care of you growing up. I bought your first baby''s crib when you were 15 and help you take care of your kids for nothing in return. But you''re right, I don''t do anything for you.

red means stop, green means go, yellow means prepare to stop. Stop running red lights ass hats! Saving 30 sec isnt worth hurting someone else.

grandma if u don't want to come to my wedding just stop telling everyone and don't come' we don't really want you there either

My wife needs to do some of her own self reflecting like she tells everyone else to do.

Fill the car up with gas! I go to run errands or go to work and it doesn't matter which car I take it's empty!

to my boss, stop asking me to work extra hours at the drop of a hat when I have to give you 2 week notice on time off!

PSA if you go to lagoon and go through a haunted house, DO NOT TOUCH, SPIT ON, Or GROPE the actors. Most of us are minors, it's pretty illegal. Thx.

Hey- stop telling us how hot you are. You're insecure and need to be ok being alone. A man won't fix that.

Draper Moms in your Escalades, Yukons and Minivans, Stop texting and driving!! I can''t believe how many mothers with their children in the car are doing this EVERY day. Wake up!

People who are protected by the union.... if you don''t want to come to work and give 100% quit. There are too many people wanting and willing to do what your lazy ass doesn''t. overtime is a benefit not a guarantee

grl told me to wipe the brown off my nose after telling dr. that cake was damn good. She's jealous I got a raise and she didnt. SUCK IT!

exemployer: reducing profit sharing bonus after I give 2 weeks notice & yelling at me in front of the everyone at the office is a reflexion on u not me & its retaliation

to all of you on Facebook who think I can not have an opinion screw off!!!

Shut your cackling face up before i rip out your voice box because the whole building is sick you hearing you

meet exceeds expectations on my review. I''m told I am one of you best employees and even though you''d love to give me a raise, you can''t afford to FOR THE PAST YEAR... but hey, thanks for the gift card to YOUR Store.

Friend me. Unfriend me. Friend me. Unfriend me. Make up your mind. I'm sick of your mood swings.

wish u wouldnt make me feel guilty for hanging out with my friend or other things alone. Sometimes i need a break to be alone. I hate feeling guilty the whole time and worried u will be mad

Hey neighbor, why don''t you finish paying the electrical company that wired your house rather than putting in your yard! It must be nice having mommy and daddy in-law living with you footing half the bill of everything! You''re a damn grown up, pay for your own crap

to my abusive boss who I cant stand working for, I am looking for another job you piece of crap

You show me how much you care for me because you care not to see how much $$ you can get out of me. Im a person your person not an ATM machine.

bicyclists always want to share the road but won''t obey the traffic laws, such as running red lights and stop signs. Either follow the rules like everyone else or get off the damn road!

you''re 28 years old you have a 4 year old daughter you have nothing to do with you can''t keep a job you can''t keep a woman and now you''re living withGrandma having her support you after everybody else is tired of you moved in on them time to grow up

To all the parents of my students, it takes 5-10 minutes to work with your kid! Do it, it's not that hard and will help so much!

dear boss you suck. Learn to grow up and how to actually be a boss

Arizona drivers learn to drive. Utah drivers are bad enuf but you take the cake.

stop posting on social media about how nice you are! We all know you're going after a married man, stop being a hootchie!!

Utah drivers, get off your Flippin phone and learn to use the brake peddle once in a while. Giant turd waffles

mom stop. Just because I don't do everything that you want or wish I did doesn't mean you have to remind me everyday. Stop just stop. #smotherer

just because our kids are related doesn't mean I like you all of a sudden leave me alone

you're an idiot and only got the job because you're pretty you're not actually competent for i

to my cousin if you are going to lie keep with the same story and stop throwing me in the lie especially when I had nothing to do with your lie.

Dear Brain, I know you are super smart. But we are tired. Thanks! Your Body.

do not make a right hand turn when I'm standing in the crosswalk crossing kids and holding up a stop sign!!!

don't act like worlds best mother on fb when you don't even call and wish your son u basically abandoned a happy birthday

just because you''re home doesn''t mean you''re taking care of your kids... You actually have to leave your bedroom and interact withthem... Doing the laundry and some cleaning wouldn''t hurt either

ever since you got the department lead position, you have on this power trip and thinking everyone is better than you. Stop! Because ppl are starting to not like you.

you wanted us to watch your cats while you moved to CO... its bee a month! Come get your cats or they're going to the pound

current employer your company sucks. I hate it here cant wait til I have this baby I'll be out after

Why on earth are you not squashing the bully issue? Perhaps because your kid is the queen!

for the love of god, take me off group texts!! I can't respond and it's pissing me off

Dear "friend": It''s one thing if you don''t want to come to my dad''s viewing/funeral but texting me the morning of and saying you already have movie plans was next level. A-hole

Dear work, you're not that sneaky by not posting your new starting wages online. We all know the new employees are making more than us

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