Dirty Little Secret

Go Ahead, Give us your Dirty Little Secrets!   

After hubby cheated for 2nd time, I went out & did the same. I cried all the way home, worst feeling ever. Ladies, revenge sex is not worth it.

unhappy w/husband, had an affair, realized my husband is worth the fight. other man fell in love. Now I'm in too deep. He has the evidence to ruin me

my secret is when I listen to you guys at work, I take incoming calls and I put them on hold so I can listen to your text topics lol

I'm in love with my boss

I am a girl, married with kids, have become really good friends with a guy who is also married with kids. He is like the best friend I never had, but I can’t tell my husband because he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for for guy/girls to be friends when married, so I have to sneak around to hang out with him. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, but I feel so guilty like I’m cheating in him or something for not telling him. I have told my husband a few times casually when I did hang out with him, but he was so involved in his phone he just grunted, ok. So I''ve done my part ha ha

my dirty little secret. I think about my husbands best friend more then I think of him.

When I was married, my husband was in Mexico I had a booty call with a 24 yr old I was 38

fell in love with my boss and we now hook up. #jobsecurity

It’s 2012. My girlfriend at the time was walking and didn’t know I was behind her. I picked her up like a sack of potatoes and she farted on my head. Told her I was deaf on that side later that day. She still thinks I’m deaf.

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