TEXT TOPIC: What is your OCD trait you have to do every day?

I''ve got into the habit of throwing salt over my shoulder before I leave to work. Like I have to do it everyday. And I''m not a very superstitious person but I feel weird if I don''t do it!

I have to wash my face in the morning and at night. No matter what. Or I will get so anxious and constantly think of my face. Doesn''t matter how drunk I am on the weekend, I will always wash my face.

have to check my zipper and feet EVERY time I leave the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom with TP stuck to my foot once. =Dso now I check every time!

Post inspiring messages on Facebook!! Been doing it for 7 years

When I leave for work in the morning, I have to kiss my husband twice. I don't know when it started, but if I don't do it, my whole day feels off

have HAVE to shower the EXACT same way every day. Shampoo, body, conditioner, shave pits, rinse conditioner out. If not whole day is way off.

HAVE to clear my red dot notifications on my apps, it gives me anxiety! #notagingwell

have to wash my face and brush my teeth before bed. I CANNOT fall asleep if I don't.I hate it. It's my body's trigger that it's bedtime.It sucks

When I''m washing my hands, I have to spit in the sink. It''s like my mouth waters, I have to get rid of it. It''s not weird to me anymore but when people are around, I remember it''s weird.

Not me but my coworker. She HAS to organize MY desk before she leaves, and I’m not even that bad, but it bugs her. If I’m there late, which is often to try to get her to stop moving my stuff, she will ''chat'' with me and organize a bit while sitting here, trying to get me to not notice.

CANT let anyone else answer the front door when someone knocks. Especially any females in my family.

have fairly severe OCD and anxiety so I have several things I have to do. A big one is adding numbers whenever I see a group of them. I keep adding the double digits and find more numbers to add until I get to 9. Exhausting!

can't NOT leave my bedroom without making my bed. Even if I am deathly ill I will get up and make my bed then lay on top of it.

have to have an empty kitchen sink before I begin to cook. If it is 7:30pm and I''m to tired to do the dishes, I order food in or I go out. Kitchen sink has to be empty

My ocd is when I watch tv. I alphabetically the colors like lite blue dark blue. Red and orange. It takes over my life.

have to sort skittles by color before I can eat them

OMG!! I totally do the routine shower thing!! And if my husband "distracts" me, I feel like I need to start over!!

have to check my straightener everyday even if i don't use it.

I am 51 and since I heard the saying "Step on a crack" I don't step on cracks, since my mom passed it slowed down

have to have. I have chapstick on me at all times. I keep it everywhere. Car, purse, pockets, work desk, nightstand etc...When my husband and I were dating, he once played keep away with it to mess with me. I had a full on panic attack and couldn''t breathe. He knows not to touch my chapstick now lol

have to have the radio and tv volume on a number that when you add them together they equal an odd number-same person as adding numbers :) my OCD and anxiety feed each other!!!

took a world religion class and in Buddhism they pray and rinse their mouth out. I do it three times every morning now and I''m not Buddhist

My son has to have the volume on the tv ending in a '0' or a '5'. No idea why, just started one day.

have to walk around the house and make sure all the doors are locked at night and after I lock on my have to try opening it to make sure it''s lockedor I have anxiety all night long

on my light switches with 2 or 3 switches, they all have to be going the same way.

have to verify my keys are in my purse before I shut my car door. Even if I put them in there 2.5 seconds before getting out of the car.

my closet, color & sleeve length. Makes it easier to find exactly what you want, or to describe where something is to someone else.

I color code my closet too

checking the doors was my issue until I got my anexity meds straightened out

counting number person again-I have to even out my sides. If I touch something with one side or if someone touched one side I''ll do it with the opposite side to feel even.

My 7 year old has to touch his pinky toe Everytime he puts hissocks on

Dishes have to be in the "right" place in the cabinets and dishwasher. If they're not it'll eat at me and I have to move them.

can't go to bed until all of the little notifications on my iPhone apps are gone

can't get out of car, til the song playin is over, or leave the house mid show or even commercial. Gotta see it thru to the end. Finish wht u start.

constantly checking my rearview mirror every time I go off routine after dropping off my daughter at day care to make sure she''s not back therein the car seat

have to go through the right doors at the store. Hubby will pull me in through the exit side and I have to go back out and go in the one labeled enter.

Have to check to make sure my stove is off before bed like 10 times. Even though I know I checked I will get out of bed and check multiple times

have to turn my head as I am leaving my street to make sure my garage door is closed. If I forget I have to turn back around to check!

have clothes in closet color organizes with matching hangers.

always turn on my alarm for the next day early in the day. And throughout the day, I constantly check to see if my alarm is on. And check it four times before I go to bed. I''m terrified that if I close the alarm app, the alarm will automatically turn off. And I''ll be late to work.

My closet is color coordinated I even do my husbands shirt and my kids clothes. Our shoes are also. My boots have to go together, then shoes, and then our slippers.

After I wash my hands for a long time, I turn off the water then turn it back on again and wash my hands a second time for q few minutes longer. I can''t just wash them once. I feel like they''re not all the way clean if it''s only one time.

have to check my curling iron about six times before I leave the house to make sure it's off

have to make my bed before I get in at night never in the morning

have to make sure that all my light switches are going the same way if I have multiple switches. I'll walk around the house and fix them if they are not.

wake up at 5 AM so i can my 2 cups of coffee in peace.

diagnosed with OCD as a child. One of my many compulsions is I have to lock my car three times when I get out.

always count stairs. 1-2-3 then 1-2 then 123 then 1-2. Been doing it since I was about 8 and I'm 30!

have to put a watch on. If I don't I feel incomplete the whole day. Witch is wired because I don't tell time with it. I use my phone.

conceal carry legally. I HAVE to have my gun and knife on me

don''t do it anymore, but l used to pull up my paints every second. It was like a "tick", that''s what is called in Spain. I had an urge to pull upmy paints from the waist. They never felt perfect

before I leave any place I have to say out loud keys wallet phone and touch all of them. This includes when changing rooms

Before I leave my house, i have to go check to make sure i unplugged my hair irons. Have done it forever. Even if I don''t curl my hair and just pullit up i still find myself checking it.

too many to mention. My biggest thing is everything has to be even. If i tap my finger to music or anything i have to tap the rest of them the same number of times on the same part of my finger

have to shower every night before bed or I can't fall asleep even if I out way late or even if I am way drunk I have to shower

handwashing b4 bed. If I have 2 get out of bed & touch something (door knobs, refrigerator, switches, etc) I have 2 rewash b4 getting back in bed

turn around to check to make sure the garage door is closed, even when I know I pushed the button. It''s always on my mind when I leave the house. If there is any doubt in my mind I will turn the car around and look. Drives my spouse nuts.

have to have EVERYTHING in an even number and I have to walk on the right side of everyone.

have to have my clothes organized by tank, short sleeve, long sleeve each by color and shade of color

every night i lock the front door I stand by there and count to 30 and hold my breath. if the knob doesn''t turn in the 30 secs then I feel safe for the night.

have to wake up and get out of bed on a 5 I will wait until the clock turns to a 5 before existing the bad

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