TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!!

after 10 years of dreaming and working hard, I have finally started my own business.

Hubby and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week

im alive so that is good

just found out they found a match for my kidney transplant

the woman that I've been seeing told me she loved me for the first time this weekend. Made my day, weekend, month and year.

My daughter is on the Junior Olympic Gymnastics circuit and she scored out of her level! Woot woot!

today is my son Caden's 5th birthday! I actually listened to the show during labor to help with contractions!! Been listening 13 years and love you guys!

today is my 25th birthday!! That's a good way to start a Monday

something good my hubby and I finally sat down and had a serious talk about my getting gastric bypass surgery after my waiting 7 years to bring it up

GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK FROM TODAY! September 24! then get to pick up our olde English bull dog in a week and half

have a slow pitch game tonight let's hope we can get our first win! Go diamond krew!!

finally getting our sons ADHD and ODD under control (and without prescription meds!). Such a relief after getting kicked out of preschool

my hubby and I are celebrating 12 years of marriage this Thursday

good news! We pick up our Boxer puppy on Friday

Good news: Coffee's on point this morning

get a mini-vacation with just me and my hubs (without kids) in Vegas this weekend for his hockey tournament!! We can finally catch up on sleep!!!

I've lost 18lbs and 40inches!!

finally booked our baby moon to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to a Notre Dame game!

I know it may not seem like it but after months of pain I'm finally having rotator cuff surgery this week.

got a puppy over the weekend!

my 3 year old passed her rank test. She’s now a yellow belt

Good News Monday, I live in Payson and am just so grateful for all the good thoughts and prayers on our behalf

fire got within 0.5 mile from our home in Elk Ridge & survived the weekend. Thank you firefighters! Life is good!

bought a new car! 2017 jeep grand Cherokee!

I've worked my butt off and have lost 30 pounds so far!

Taking the day off work to interview for a better job. Lol better to find a job when you currently have one.

my good news for the day is I have paid off all of my debts and am now debt free

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