TEXT TOPIC: Are you obsessed with your spouse?

I’m obsessed with my hubby. I have OCD and due to Traumatic events I have a fear of losing everyone I love. So I constantly think he’s going to leave me and he’s the best thing I have! Having to live like this is constant hell

my man always freaks out whenever I am out with any of my friends WO him. He will drink so much while I''m out for 2 hrs. I get home and he is trashed every time. Also starts a texting fight every time I am out with friends.

I cannot be without my husband. I have become a hermit, don't see my friends anymore and I don't care, the only person I want to see is him

I can be obsessed with my hubby. Sometimes I have to tell myself it's ok to have some alone time.

my fianc is obsessed with me. Everything I say and do affects him Way more than it ever should. I am super busy going to school full-time and working full-time job and part time job. We fight often about how he isn''t getting enough of anything. But even when he was getting all of my time it wasn''t enough. The struggle is real!

My husband is obsessed with me. He used to make music, Now when I go out of town he just sulks and mopes around until I'm back. It's hard.

I feel like my wife definitely has an obsession. She wants me to spend every second of my spare time with her. When I say that I would like to do something alone or with others she pulls the card saying that I don''t love her and don''t want to spend time with her. She also pays way too much attention to every little thing that I''m doing. Little noises and facial expressions and fidgeting that I never knew I did she will point out. It''s like my God whatis so interesting about me that you have to pay such close attention to

my sisters husband. Calls her at work Won't let her go anywhere without him even with her sisters. Is causing a rift in the family.

my sister in law in crazy obsessed w/ my brother. They've been married for about 20 years & she gets a little worse every year!

my brother and sister in law are like glued to the hip! They can’t spend 2 seconds apart. And it drives me crazy! My husband and I spend time together but we each have things we do without the other. My in-laws are always questioning if we love each other because we don’t spend every second together.

I am obsessed with my husband. I seriously hate going anywhere w/o him. The store, a baby shower, weddings, if he's not there I don’t want to be there!

I am obsessed with my hubby. I know it comes from my mom being in and out of relationships and me never having a steady male role model in my childhood.

i'm divorced now but my ex wife would get mad if I wasn't by her side constantly like doing yard work etc..

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