Cannabis Store Worker Uses a Bong to Fight off Four Armed Robbers

When four robbers rushed into a cannabis store in Canada, this worker quickly grabbed a bong to defend himself. The robbers were armed with bear spray but that didn’t seem to slow the worker down. He kept moving forward, yelling at the robbers and the eventually moved out the door but not before he smashed the glass bong on one of them.

From the video description:

Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2018 at approximately 4:00 PM, four males, believed to be of middle eastern decent entered the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market situated on Old Highway 2 in Shannonville. Three of the males entered the store with their faces covered while brandishing canisters of bear spray. They were met with great resistance by the store clerk and despite being sprayed with Bear Spray, the clerk who is from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory managed to successfully fight them off and force them from the store. The suspects then fled the scene westbound on Old Highway 2 in a white SUV. OPP Forensic Identification Unit came in to provide assistance and collected valuable evidence from the scene.

Warning: Contains strong language