GoodNews: Co-workers Find Out They're Father / Son

Two co-workers were shocked when they learned that they were father and son. Nathan Boos was given up for adoption and never knew who his biological parents were. He had no idea that he had been working with his real father for the last two years at Rock Solid Transport in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Nathan's adoptive parents knew the identity of his true parents, but they never told him and he explained to WEAU, that it "never crossed my mind that I would ever find my parents." But, one day Nathan's mother was on Facebook and noticed that he had befriended Bob Degaro, who happened to be his biological father.

"She just went on my Facebook and went through my friends list and brought up his picture and I said get out of here,” Boos said. He then sent Degaro a message on Facebook. "He messaged me on Facebook one day and asked me if I knew his biological mother and I'm like yeah that's my ex-wife…and I about fell out of my seat…I'm like oh my god," Degaro said.He told the news station that "it's still kind of a shock " and sometimes he isn't "sure exactly what to say or how to act."

"I mean he is my son but we didn't have that father son relationship growing up and then we became working partners before we knew who we really were," said Degaro.

Degaro explained that financial stress led to the decision to give up Nathan for adoption.

"Back then I wasn't much of a dad. His biological mom had chosen the adoptive parents," Degaro explained.