Woman Realizes She’s in a Random Strangers Car and Not Her Uber Ride

Beauty blogger and TV personality Caroline Burt requested an Uber ride then got into the car after checking with the driver that he was there for “Caroline”. The driver acknowledged that he was there for her. She jumped in the car and the driver asked about the camera she was holding and she let him know that she was live streaming.

I was streaming on Twitch and I was getting an Uber home to my boyfriend’s.

My Uber was literally parked right next to the car I got into. I asked the man if he was for Caroline and he said yes. So I got in the car, acted as if it was an Uber.

He started asking questions. I thought he was making small talk like some Ubers do. A lot of Ubers ask me about my stream and some do not like being on it so I thought it was normal when he was asking me to turn my stream off.

During her ride, Caroline got a call from her actual Uber driver letting her know that he was looking to pick her up. She got a panicked look on her face and immediately asked the current driver, “Are you an Uber?” and the driver replied “no.”

She immediately said, “Oh my god, pull over.”

I think he was scared because he knew I was recording and he acted accordingly because I also started to try to open the car door while the car was moving and I jumped out.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. All I remember is looking at my Twitch chat and my whole entire chat being like ‘did that really just happen?’

I couldn’t believe it had happened. A random man just let me in his car.”

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