Layton Water Shut-off: NO MERCY, NO SPELL CHECK

This is funny.  Everyone has forgotten to pay a bill at some time or another.  Layton, Utah is showing no mercy.  Can you say 'city revenue?'  

Check out all spelling typos in this letter to a neighbor of mine.  

Here's what my neighbor said on Facebook: "Thought I’d give a heads up on a new policy. So we had a human moment and forgot to pay our water bill on the 5th. Our water was shut off today. Layton city has changed their policy this billing cycle. They send one warning letter (that I just barely got in the mail) and then shut it off. They won’t call to remind you, they won’t tape a notice to your door, or a second letter in bright red. There is no mercy on their end. The manager was a jerk about it. Remember to pay your bill and yes, we just set up autopay."


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