TMZ: Chloe Dykstra Texts Paint Different Picture


CHRIS HARDWICK: Texts Show Ex-Girlfriend Pleaded for Reconciliation

Chris Hardwick's ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra pleaded with the Nerdist founder to take her back months after they broke up, text messages between the two show.

In the texts, obtained by TMZ, Chloe pleads with Chris to talk to her and says, "I will always love you."

Chris makes it clear that he's done with her for cheating on him with a man named Sam, saying it's "the worst thing anyone has ever done to me." Chris claims she led him to believe she wanted to get back together after they broke up.

Sources tell TMZ that "it's hard to believe Chloe would try for months to get back with him if she was being emotionally and sexually abused, as she claimed last week."

Chris has denied her allegation of sexual abuse. Still, his AMC talk show was pulled from the schedule and he was forced to step away from hosting several Comic-Con panels. His hosting gig on NBC's The Wall is also in jeopardy

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