Mom In Labor Officiates Wedding For Another Mom In Labor

Brianna Walko was all set to marry her fiance, Casey; they had the marriage license and planned to go to New York City Hall Thursday to tie the knot, but their baby-on-the-way had other ideas. Walko’s water broke Tuesday night, despite her June due date, but this mama still wanted to be hitched before her baby was born, so nurses got to work and made it happen.

When they realized the chaplain couldn’t marry people, nurses asked around and found out another woman in labor, Sushma Dwivedi Jindal, was ordained and could perform the ceremony. Walkso says she thought it was all a prank when the nurses came into her room to get her ready for her wedding, braiding her hair, making sure she had flowers, and putting lavender stickers on her so she’d smell good for the groom.

But it was the real deal and Walko got her wish to be married before becoming a mom, thanks to another mom down the hall, who happened to be in labor at the same time! Nurses served as bridesmaids and one played the wedding song on her phone. And as if getting married and having a baby within hours of each other wasn’t enough, Walko graduated from college two days later!

"I got married, had a baby, got my bachelor’s degree," Walko says. "All in the same week."

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