Secret Santa Visits - 2017

Dec. 12th, 2017

Nikaedynn Finau

She is the second oldest in her family of six children.  Currently she is in Primary Children's Hospital battling leukemia for the second time.  She had a successful bone marrow transplant when she was two and was considered cured when we received the devastating news her cancer came back this summer.  She had just received her drivers license and had made Keeper for the Varsity soccer team for Salem Hills High School.  She is the strongest girl I have ever met.  I wish for this Christmas to be extra special for her brothers and sisters at home.  She has two sisters - 15 and 13, and two brothers 10 and 7.  A special visit from Santa would be so special to them this year.  Nikaedynn has been an amazing example, in grade school she helped grant wishes through fundraising for two classmates at Taylor Elementary who were fighting cancer at the time.  This was featured in the Deseret News and on other news stations.  She helped raise money for American Cancer society by performing in their Dance for a Cure fundraiser for many years as well as being part of our relay team the Purple Heroes.  She is amazing and such a fighter.  Her family could really use an extra special Christmas this year to cheer them up during this time. - Yvonne



Dec. 11th, 2017

Amanda Wilcock

This family is the most deserving of this then anything. My best friend Rachel Shire passed away Tuesday November 14th of this year, due to heart conditions and left a small 8 year old child. 2 years prior Gabe also lost his father, and has now become an orphan. Cindy Rachel's mother and mike and amanda Rachel's brother and sister in law have taken Gabe in and are going to take care of him for Rachel. Cindy Rachels mother is currently fighting for her life with Thyroid cancer, and is still putting Gave ahead of everything and making sure he has the fullest life possible. This family is financial not set to take on this responsiblity but will do whatever they can to keep Gabe and everyone going. Please 97.1 help this family enjoy christmas a little bit more this year after this very hard passing of an 8 year olds mother. I walked Gabe to the casket and he noticed his mom had her christmas nails on already and he says Auntie Jess why does jesus have to take my mommy before christmas. Please show him that during his heartache mommy and the spirit of giving is till alive. Help me help this family. She was my best friend, and i feel like it is the least i can do for this amazing family. - Jessyka



Dec. 7th, 2017

Heather Strickland

In June of this year my brother Tyler Strickland was tragically killed in a car accident leaving behind a wife (Heather), daughter (Payton 9), and Son (Ryker 6). Tyler was not only their rock he was their everything. Payton who used to be this shy curly haired blue eyed girl,is now this not so shy, sassy loving little princess as Tyler called her. Ryker is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This little guy always has a smile on his face, he definitely tests his parents patience, and then turn around and say (I love you) with those bright blue eyes and his crooked smile. What this young family has endured these last few month is more than anyone should in a life time. Heather has shown so much strength and determination during this rough time, I admire her for this, and want her to know I love her and she is doing an amazing job, considering the circumstances.

A couple of months ago the kids told their mom "mom if you ever feel like crying, just put your sunglasses on that's what we do".

So in ending I just want Heather and the kids to know I love them with all of my heart and I hope they have a wonderful Christmas. - Angie



Dec. 6th, 2017

Julian Larsen

I am hoping you can help my daughter and her family this holiday season. I have been going through cancer as an old lady and my daughter and her family took me in, seen to all my needs and more. Now I want to give back but do not have the means to do so. My daughter has suddenly gone blind and cannot work, her spouse was just diagnosed with MS and other health problems, my granddaughter is autistic and has recent swelling on the brain unsure where this is going. Just want to bring even an hour of joy and happiness in their lives with the magic of Christmas. To take away reality with your help would be a blessing. I am hoping they get picked as they are most deserving!!! Help with groceries, a bed mattress, gift card or a Christmas favorite of candy is on my wish list for them. - LaRue



Dec. 5th, 2017

Mindy Sipes

Hi, I would like to Nominate my best/friend Co Worker She has been through a lot this year with her father almost dying and being in and out of the hospital this past Monday 11/13 she got a call from her mother that her brother who lived in corona California Passed away in a car accident

It has been hard they set up a go fund me to try to get there but she is worried how are they going to afford christmas for her kids with this unexpected death in the family as well as needing to get to California for his funeral my friend is very selfless and the most amazing person who deserves some cheer in this horrific death and with how her year has gone this would make her year she hasn't even put up anything for Christmas because she was really close to her brother. i know with this would make her year better as well as give her children a great Christmas they deserve as well. - Lindsey



Dec. 1st, 2017

Robert Ranck

Robert is a Purple Heart recipient veteran. He served 8 years in the Army. He did 2 tours in Korea and one in Afghanistan. He was discharged last year. He has not had any of his assistance go through, and doesn't have insurance. He has 4 kids. A daughter age 13, a son age 10, a daughter age 5, and another daughter age 3. Robert was in a motorcycle accident in July and due to not having insurance, has been paying his medical bills off. This has left him with little money to purchase Christmas gifts. He could really use some help getting his kids Christmas! He would be ever so grateful! - Alissa



Nov. 30th, 2017

Louis Frese

Louis Frese is my brother, in Sept. of 2016 he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was given a year to live and he has bypassed that and is being as strong as he can be. He has very kind heart, and high spirited person and always wants to help others and make sure everyone is happy. As sick as he is he still wants to make sure everyone else is doing good, wanting to help fix things for people even know he doesn't have the strength. He is the most unselfish person there is. because of his cancer he had to take disability and quit his job that he loved. so, with all the medical bills and other bills piling up his family doesn't have the money to do much, with him and his wife they have 9 kids and he is feeling really bad not being able to get them something for Christmas. - Maggie



Nov. 28th, 2017

Don and Lisa Drury

I am nominating my brother, his wife and 11 year old son..Lisa is disabled, a diabetic and received a new kidney in brother lost his job in August of this year and they couldn't afford her medications (now they can) so her she is having problems with her kidney but the last 2 months she has had 3 surgeries on her foot, the last one one week ago removing half of her foot. My brother also is a diabetic and has health issues, he is working with unemployment and hasn't been able to find a job yet, at the end of this month he will have no medical insurance because the state says he makes too much with unemployment (so not true, people have to live)- these are hard times for them! Not sure how long they will be able to live where they are, if they can't afford it they will have to move in with my family & no one likes to do that because everyone likes there own space but if it happens then it will be OK. I hope you can help these deserving people & bring some joy into there lives at this challenging time in there lives. - Anna



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