Haunted Places In Utah

Utah has a wild history and there are definitely some haunted and creepy places in the state. Take a look at some of them below.

Warning: many of the locations listed are on private property. Trespassing is illegal.

McCune Mansion, (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Located on Capitol Hill, people report doors locking that don't have locks on them, cold spots, lights going on and off all throughout the mansion. The mansion is haunted by a little girl who has been see walking the hallways and rooms and has been known to rearrange items left out for wedding receptions.

The Haunted Museum, (Bountiful, Utah) 

An old building on Eaglewood Drive (now torn down) once used as a mortuary, a mink farm, and most recently a museum. The museum is abandoned, but still houses many LDS "artifacts" and has been seen with dark, shadowy people on the property with a very eerie presence felt.

Brigham Young Farmhouse (Old Deseret Village in Salt Lake City, Utah) 

The Farmhouse is reported to be a favorite haunt of many ghostly guests. The sound of children laughing and playing has been heard numerous times coming from the second-floor ballroom which was used as a playroom for Brigham Young's many children. Tour guides and guests have smelled cooking aromas coming from the kitchen which has no working stove and there have been several reports of apparitions that look like Ann Eliza Webb, Brigham Young's 19th wife in various locations throughout the house.

Capitol Theatre - (50 W. 200 South - Salt Lake City, Utah) 

One resident ghost of the Capitol Theatre is said to be that of a 17-year-old usher named Richard Duffin who died in a fire that engulfed the theatre in 1949. Theatre staff, who have nicknamed the spirit George, say he's always playing tricks on them. A theatre security guard reports hearing voices behind him but when he turned around, no one was there. He smelled smoke in the basement, but there wasn't any fire. Others report lights going off and on, equipment malfunctioning and the elevator taking people to floors that were not pushed

City and County Building, (Salt Lake City, Utah) 

Reports of five ghosts in this building; two children, a woman, a judge and an old mayor of Salt Lake. The building is five floors and ghosts haunt all of the floors.

The Old Mill, (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Located on the way up to Big Cottonwood Canyon, ghosts of two vagrants and their dog who died in a fire still haunt the building.

Egyptian Theatre - (Park City, Utah)

Patrons and workers at the Egyptian Theatre long been reporting footsteps being heard on the wooden floor of the stage when no one is there. Doors fly open by themselves; screams are often heard in the empty theatre and a male apparition has frequently been seen in the theatre. The ghost isn't very friendly, and people have been pushed to the ground.

Hobb's Hollow, (Layton, Utah)

near the Highway 89 turnoff going to Ogden, there is a secluded neighborhood with a hidden trail leading to a large hollow. On one side is a small forest area and on the other side there is a lake. In the late 70s, the undertow from the water began to get violent and used to cause people to drown. If you go there at night, you can hear screams and people calling for help, you can also see weird reflections.

Kay's Cross, (Kaysville, Utah) 

An old memorial built by a man whose family was murdered. It's located in the middle of a wooded area, and there are reports of people in black cloaks and "dogmen" chasing people away.

Ogden City Cemetery - (1875 Monroe Blvd - Ogden, Utah)

Cemeteries are often the setting for ghost sightings, but at the Ogden City Cemetery the ghost of Florence Grange is the most famous. The story goes that 15-year-old Florence was waiting at the curb late one night for her boyfriend, who her parents didn't like, to pick her up. She was struck by a car and killed. Now, it's said that the ghost of Florence is hiding behind her headstone and if a driver points their car's headlights at the stone and flashes them 3 times, Florence will start walking towards the car - thinking the car is the ride she missed.

Rio Grande Train Depot - (300 S. Rio Grande Street - Salt Lake City, Utah)

The old Rio Grande Train Depot is now home to the Utah State Historical Society. The depot was built in 1910 and, according to hauntedhouses.com, many ghosts have called this beautiful old building home. It's said that long ago a young couple got into a heated argument at the station and the young man threw his fiancé's engagement ring on the tracks in anger. When the young woman frantically tried to pick up the ring, she was struck by a train and killed. An apparition of a beautiful, black-haired woman in an old fashioned purple dress is said to haunt the ladies room and the Rio Grande Café and many say she's the ghost of the young woman killed while trying to save her ring.

Salt Lake City Cemetery, (Salt Lake City, Utah) 

A little above the South side around 11th East and 3rd North, people have found Emo's Grave, among other grave sites reportedly haunted.

The Nunnery, (Logan, Utah)

This abandoned monastery and women's shelter in Logan Canyon used to house Catholic nuns. One of the women there allegedly became pregnant, and the nuns took her baby and drowned him in the pool in the back. The pool is empty now, but there is a cold spot about 2 or 3 feet in diameter. The pool also glows at night. There have been many sightings of ghosts of children who were killed there.

The Shilo Inn - (Salt Lake City, Utah)

In 1978, the Shilo Inn (Currently the Holiday Inn Express) - then known as the International Dune Hotel - was the scene of the horrendous murder- suicide of Rebecca David and 6 of her 7 children. The children either jumped or were thrown to their deaths from the balcony of the 12th floor. One daughter, 15-year-old Rachel, survived. Since that time, hotel guests and employees have reported seeing apparitions of a female and young child in the first-floor pool area and disembodied, echoing laughter is heard in the same area. There have also been reports of light bulbs unscrewing themselves, items being moved when no one is around and a pinball machine being on and active when no one is playing.

The Sidewalks, (Millcreek Canyon Area, Utah)

A maze of sidewalks built into the side of the mountain by a man for his wife, so she could go jogging without being in public. He allegedly killed her and buried her in the maze. No one can pinpoint the true location, or it may be a myth.

Rocky Point Mansion, (Ogden, Utah)

Man killed in a giant mansion that used to be the first Rocky Point Haunted House. People reported flickering blue lights, moaning, and footsteps through the halls. The building has been destroyed.

The Peery Hotel, (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The Peery Hotel located 110 W. 300 South, was built in 1910 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. This historic hotel is believed to be haunted by the apparition of a moaning woman, who has been heard in the elevator and in the main hallways of the building. Staff and guests also report that the elevator will move from floor to floor by itself. Other reports of ghostly activity include the sounds of children running through the hallways, the strange aroma of perfume and sightings of a tall dark man standing in doorways, who vanishes suddenly when approached.

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