TEXT TOPIC: What was overheard with the butt dial?

my sister got but dialed by her ex husband. He was with another girl. He was saying how wanted to leave my sis to be with her...

my son and his friend but dialed the friend's mom and she heard them using drugs and getting high

My sister asked for money to get groceries for her kids. I gave her $50.

5 mins later, butt dial of her ordering food at subway.

butt dialed one of my best friends probably 10 years ago belting out Whitney Houston's I have nothing. She saved it she still uses it to haunt me

2 friends had 3way called me & forgot to hang up. Left a voicemail about how stupid I was and how they ditched me for a group of guys.

Called a client from home to confirm a meeting, at meeting they asked laughing if I ever got my daughter to eat her dinner

received a call from my husband, who at the time was doing not so great things. I heard a whole drug deal go down. Since, he's gotten in trouble & clean.

my sister accidentally butt dialed her friend and was talking trash about this friend to her husband about how sick she was that her friend married a lawyer and how nosy she was in everyone’s business. They stopped being friends until a few years later when they became neighbors...

I was talking to my boyfriend he thought he hung up, but I heard him talking carp to his co worker about me

boyfriend got done taking to me he said bye but didn't hang up I heard him say if he doesn't get some a$$ that he was gonna break up with me

a friend accidentally started a FB live, everyone heard her taking crap about her friend, said she will sleep with anything. It was GREAT!

butt dialed my boyfriend at the time while talking to a friend about breaking up with him he heard the whole thing

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