TEXT TOPIC: Your significant other wants you to give up your kid?

Knew a girl who had a daughter. She married around the time the baby was 6 months (not the baby daddy). He decided he didn't want kids. So she gave her up.

My sister left her son's to be with a man. She has had to work hard for years to get back into their lives. Its not the same. They were 9 and 10.

Within a few weeks of my parents separating my mom moved a new man into our home and told my baby brother and I that she needed to live her life because Some day we would leave her.

When I was young I had my first baby at age 19. boyfriend at the time said I needed to get him up so we could travel.

My sister had her husband sign his rights to his girls cuz she didn't want to deal with his ex. I can tell he regrets it. Makes me sad.

My mom gave up my sister because my dad asked her to. She was left with my grandmother. My dad said they would have another girl . After 9 boys I came along.

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