Officer Who Assaulted UofU Nurse Fired From Gold Cross Job

Late last week, video of U of U nurse Alex Wubbels uncalled for arrest was released to the public. The video went viral and left many other around the world in shock (myself included) I couldn't help but feel anger as I watched the video of SLCPD Officer Jeff Payne assaulting nurse Wubbles. It was simply unbelievable and totally uncalled for!

 As of Tuesday, Officer Payne has been fired from his second job with Gold Cross Ambulance. Due in part to the assault, and for him stating he would retaliate by sending transients to U of U hospital to get back at them.  Now, as many have stated around the globe, its time that SLCPD step up to the plate and do their part, by releasing the officer from duty.  See Alex Wubbels interview on National television below. 



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