After Bikini Wax Nightmare, Woman Posts Hilarious Review

Hannah Scorer had a bad bikini wax experience with the waxing strips she bought at British retailer Boots, so she did what any upset consumer would do - she wrote about it on the store's Facebook page. However, unlike an everyday complaint, Hannah's review is hilarious. 

She explained that the wax strips she bought are the worst in the world, adding that she could've been better waxed by "candle wax, beeswax, wax crayons" and even "the 2005 film House of Wax starring Paris Hilton."

Hannah went on to describe what happened revealing that after the "brief but childbirth-level pain intensity of ripping [the strip] off," she looked down to see not just her hair still attached to her body, but all the wax now stuck to that hair. 

To fix the problem, Hannah grabbed the moisturizing wipes that came with the wax but that only made things worse, with pieces of the wipes tearing off and sticking to the wax that was attached to her "like a series of tiny surrender flags." 

Hannah said what made it all the more stressful was that she had a date that night - her first in a while. She attempted to turn things around by using a razor, but the wax, continuing "its campaign to ruin [her] life," blunted the blade. 

Some expensive oil did the trick so Hannah's night wasn't destroyed, but she did urge Boots to pull the waxing strips from their shelves.

Even with all that, Hannah promises to continue shopping at the store. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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