TEXT TOPIC: Who in your family is always the victim?

my brother. Love him dearly but can't take responsibility for his actions. His problems Are always someone else's fault.

my mom has always played the victim, decades later we're finally realizing our Dad isn't as bad and the only one to blame for our dysfunctional childhood

My sister is the victim whenever any type of fight happens when she is in the wrong she starts crying and says we have never liked her etc and this is quite a common thing because she is also an easily agitated person

my mom! I told her that when she lashed out at me in front of someone that was embarrassing. She told me she would leave me alone since I''m so embarrassed of me.

my sister in law is always the victim. Her kids her money her living with her situation is everyone else's fault so everyone else has to take care of it

My aunt embezzled tons of money but acts like the victim when the court orders her 2 pay it back

sis in law everything is harder for her. Her life,health,kids all harder for her. Thinks everyone is always talking about her and picking on her. Sheis 40 no abuse in her life

the drama IS my mama. Its aform of control. Don't do what she wants? guilt&shame is now your new bff. Shes done it for yrs&now I dont speak to her

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