TEXT TOPIC: What is the weirdest item you've seen on a wedding registry?

Checked out a wedding registry online. Groom had placed a 12 pack can of spaghetti-o's. Was weird but he was happy to get it

cousins wedding registry- hairspray and mascara??? Wth

One of my best friends registered for 100 bags peanut M&Ms

weirdest thing on weddings registry: bird feeder. Huh??? Lol

we registered for a shake weight cause we thought it would be funny and someone bought it for us.

weirdest thing I've seen on a registry was Lego sets haha

close friend of mine was getting married. The item Adult diapers!!! Let's just say I hooked them up (10 boxes) hahahahaha

on my own registry we registered for a tent with a skylight top so you can see the stars. It wasn’t until someone bought it for us that we noticed it was a tent for kids. I wonder how weird that would have looked to others to see that we registered for a kids tent

my daughter and SIL had a Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster on their wedding registry

light saber toy, got it too.

school supplies on registry, binders, pencils the whole 9

My cousin and her husband registered for a blow up hot tub. They didn’t get it.

damn sister registered for a 75 inch 4 k tv.....the slut got it!!

friend was moving in with his parents after the wedding, so the whole registry was video games and dvds because he said his mom had everything already.

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