TEXT TOPIC: Did you accidentally take the wrong pill?

work trip to FL, I had bronchitis and took the wrong medicine with me: liquid lortab. Spent the morning drinking it and fighting to stay awake. Finally went to my room around 11am and didn''t wake up until 10pm. Missed a day of meetings.

went to take my daily allergy pill but mistakenly took a xanax instead. I normally split the Xanax in half, so I had double my normal dose. Needless to say I was quite high at work that day.

went to my in laws for dinner, had a bad headache husband gave me benedryl instead of excederin, I passed out for the rest of the night! Totally missed dinner, the MIL thought I did it on purpose

my wife took our son's ADHD mess. Scary, but she got a ton of stuff done that weekend. Lol

Omg! I thought I was taking an excedrin for a headache &took a TRAZADONE that's for sleeping! I only take 1/4 of one! I had to work a grave that night. SUCK

took my ambien & my morning "upper" pill at the same time thinking it was xanax & ambien. Felt like I did a speed ball all day.

my grandma kept mixing up her pills for a couple days and we couldn't figure out why she was so tired and loopy. She got one of her morning pills and night pills mixed up

A few months ago our pharmacy accidentally refilled my husband's prescription with oxycodone instead of hydrocodone. It took him a few days to notice.

I take two adderalls throughout the day, forgot that I already took one dose that morning and ended up taking three.

Took trazadone for sleep and then took a Benadryl for something but forgot I took a trazadone. Prayed I didn't die in my sleep!

My mom had pulls out for her dog. Started talking and lost track of what she was doing and took her dogs pills oops

got my dogs allergy med mixed up and took that instead. Had to call vet.. laughed. But had to be watched

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