NUMEROLOGY: July 11, 2017

If you were born June 17, 1972 then you would add all those numbers up:



6 is the Life Path Number for that birthday


The day is auspicious for you. You will fulfill all your responsibilities and will be able to accomplish all your tasks in time. You wishes may be fulfilled. You will be determined. Being emotional can be a problem for you in this period. Controlling your emotions is therefore necessary. Try to control your dishonest behavior.


You may be restless today. You may feel emotionally detached and isolated. Forget the past and try to move on. You may not be practical. Being impractical may affect your business or profession.

Mother’s health might keep you stressed in this period. You need to express yourself in order to resolve your issues or problems. It is good to express your thoughts and ideas without thinking too much.


Today, you will not accept anyone’s leadership. Due to this, people in jobs may get into arguments with their bosses. You like rules and discipline. Hence, you may go against your colleagues in order to maintain the discipline. You may act as a dictator wanting people to follow your rules. But, you should not get into fights or disputes while trying to do this. You will also increase the number of your enemies if you get into fights.

You will be grateful to people who help you. Some important tasks may be on hold due to some problems related to documents. You may be in stress throughout the day. You should involve yourself in some recreation or entertainment in order to relieve this stress.


The day might cause some troubles for you. You should have patience rather than worrying too much. You may get upset about something today. One of your friends might even be upset by you. Respect the feelings of other people today. You may be interested in social work today. You may also raise your voice for the poor or exploited.

You will make a lot of efforts to earn money because of which you may feel stressed and mentally ill.


The day will be inauspicious for you. Businessmen should consult an expert before finalizing any deal. Otherwise, you may face some losses. Do not rush into conclusions or take hasty decisions. You may feel tired because of a lot of work.

Try to forget the past and move on. You will receive mixed results in your married life. Children will not give any sort of problems. You may book a ticket today to go on a journey.


The day will be average. You will face some obstacles in day-to-day works but will be able to overcome them. There might be some struggle at work. You will have to move ahead intelligently. Married life will give mixed results. There will be many family responsibilities on your shoulders today.

You may experience some financial problems today. Do not spend a lot. Health will be fine but you should still be careful and take some precautions. White colour will be lucky for you today. Take a bath in the morning and recite Gayatri mantra.


You may be irritated today. Try to be calm and composed while working. Otherwise, you may face some problems at work. You will be able to gradually overcome obstacles. You may also be involved in some work which will give you some satisfaction. You may be in a dilemma while taking some important decisions today.

Try to finish off important works in the first half of the day. You may doubt your own skills and talent. Believe in yourself and you will overcome all barriers.


Stay away from bad people or people with bad intentions. The day might be inauspicious for you. You can get auspicious results by making appropriate efforts. Work hard and do not be lazy. Finish today’s work today itself. Do not leave it for some other day.

You may feel restless. You will help a handicapped person today. This will give you some peace of mind and satisfaction. The day will give mixed results in your professional life. You may be attracted towards the opposite sex. This will be just infatuation and it will be good if you avoid it.


You may feel stressed or restless today due to wastage of time. Enemies may create trouble for you unreasonably today. Do not show your weaknesses to your enemies. Keep your morale high. The day will give mixed results for court cases. Children might give you some problems.

You will be able to overcome small problems. But, big issues will be resolved with time. Your family will be supportive for you. Support of family members may prove to be fortunate for you. Businessmen may receive some offers or proposals for new business deals.

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