TEXT TOPIC: What yearbook award should you have received? Class Clown?

I should've gotten the award for not knowing when to shut up. Or putting my foot in my damn mouth

A-Aron would have got the principal award for the most times attended

most likely to be married and childless forever. Not bc we can't, bc we don't want kids! #25mormonandchildless

the one who got away with everything.

most likely to make it without going to college

"most likely to never say a word" (I used to stutter... a LOT!)

my hubby would be "most forgettable". We're HS sweethearts and when I run into ppl and they ask who I married, I tell them and they always say, "who?"

most likely to succeed out of the most likely to fail group

most average

Most likely to sell drugs. Because I had really long hair and a lot of my family went down that path... little did they know I have never had any alcohol

most likely to look hotter than you thought I would.

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