TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!! July 10, 2017

today is our baby girls due date. I can't wait to meet her!!

After 10 weeks I finally got to get my wife and kids moved into our new house. I have only been able to see her and my kids on the weekends as she wasn''t able to transfer to her new job... it''s a good monday.

got engaged to my boyfriend of 3 years on Friday! Still can't believe it. No date set yet but still on cloud 9!!!

my sons eight-year-old baseball team won the state title pretty freaking cool

for the first time in 7 years I'm under 200 lb and only have 30 more pounds to go

we've been working on a huge project at my work and today is the opening

after 4 months and the hubs and I doing all the work, our yard is FINISHED!! I now know how to install a sprinkler system and a vinyl fence.

my family moved my 91yr old grandma from St.Louis to Utah so she can live out her golden years in our beautiful state. Were so happy to have her here.

finished my first clinical rotation. 8 more months and I'm done with school!

new job at the Riverton hospital! More money, better hours.. SO EXCITED!

we found out last week we are one step closer to adopting our 18 mo foster baby we've had for a year now

today is the only year anniversary of my my brothers head on collision. He's had a miraculous comeback. I'm so proud

put an offer on a little townhouse!! It's not fabulous but it's a house of my own :-)

this morning I start my first day as a lead on my job lol nervous but it's worth the money

my husband and I have worked opposite shifts for 2 years! He got a new job that will allow me to stay at home with the baby and still work from home. And spend time together with my husband and little one!

After a year of infertility & only getting 1 viable embryo, found out I'm pregnant last week! Praise God!!!

finalizing deal on first home

my son got a full ride football scholarship out of state. Had his party this wknd. Lots of love.

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