NUMEROLOGY: July 6, 2017

How To Find Your Life Path Number:

If you were born June 17, 1972 then you would add all those numbers up:



6 is the Life Path Number for that birthday


Expect to feel a greater appreciation for the little things that surround you. Further, it will enhance your appreciation of your home and family. It's an ideal energy for taking a walk with someone from this special group. Consider making some plans for this. If nothing else, see about sharing some time in the backyard. A get-together might be just the ticket for you, One.


The air is filled with romance and a desire to connect with others. As a Two personality, you are loving, nurturing, and prone to sharing intimacy the majority of the time. Seize the opportunity today to make a date to get together with that special someone in your life. If you are currently single, waste no time in making a date. You are certain to enjoy yourself a great deal.


Your ability to bring joy and friendship to others will be enhanced. While you may not be a professional counselor or entertainer, with you around, who needs one? You bring so much rejuvenation to others. The way you do this is simple. It's with your laughter, fun loving way, and ability to see the lighter side of life. Today’s energy shows that you need to focus on family and the home. Be sure to share some of this energy with these people today, Three.


You might find that regardless of the projects and commitments you have happening on the work scene, your heart won't be in them as much as usual, Four. This vibration will draw you toward the home and the people in it. Given your tendency to work long hard hours, consider going with the flow of this essence. It might be beneficial in ways that aren't readily obvious to you.


You can really show others how to relax and have a good time. In fact, with your wonderful playful nature, you might be able to show a clown a thing a two about what fun is all about. If you don't have kids, allow your playful nature to bring a smile or some laughter to the other people in your life, Five.


Even though you might feel that you are worlds apart from the style and ways of them, you are sure to feel affection for them. Let this caring guide you toward more understanding and acceptance of each person. This can lead to greater insight from them when it comes to you and your ways, Six. You are sure to gain more acceptance by setting the example yourself.


You are sure to be more aware of your desire to feel accepted, and there is often no better place than home for this. Even if you have to work today, Seven, take the time later on to spend time with your family. Even if the people you feel closest to are not blood relatives, you will find this healing, comforting, and nurturing on this day.


You are apt to be well known for your ambition, Eight. And you are known for your tendency to push yourself beyond the limits. Perhaps it would be wise to give yourself a break, and to feel good about all you do. Take some time to make plans for the day.


If you have a partner this is the day to take time together. Given that your work life, responsibilities, and everything you have to tend to take a great deal of your time, connecting with special people like this may not happen as much as you'd like. Waste no time in making some plans to enjoy the company of loved ones today, Nine.

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