TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in your family that doesn't follow the rules w

mother in law takes my kid without telling & we don''t know where, takes her around people we have told her not to take her around, plans her bday party &I doesn''t tell us but tells all other fam.

just had a baby a few months ago and it was my mother-in-law''s first grandchild. She was so possessive of the baby it made me not want to go over there because I felt like I couldn''t even be a mother to my own child

Children are fair skinned gingers. G-ma takes them swimming and won't sunblock them up. Do it or no more swim dates!

My parents focus more on playing w/ my kid then making sure eat enough or help w/ potty training. When we get them back it''s like they take 2 stepsback in what we''re trying to teach.

FIL asked if he could give my 6-month niece chocolate. My SIL said no, came back 5 min later and baby had choc ice cream all over her face.

My ex in-laws never did what we asked them to do as far as my children. This caused major issues between me and my ex-husband because he was too scared to confront him on it

my mom! She always says "they can at nanas" and doesn't. She even has a sign hanging in her house that says "I can at nanas" she doesn't care about rules.

my aunt refused to put cloth diapers on my baby so she would put her daughter larger diapers on I stopped taking my baby to her

We don't let 18 mo old use devices. Both grandparents think we are crazy. Oh yeah? Watch his reaction when you take it away

MIL won''t stop talking to my child about the passing of his father. We''ve had many talks, but nthing has changed. Their time together is now restricted & monitored. :(

religion! I'm catholic husbands lds. Asked the parents to stay out

Exes parents don''t follow the right diet, nap schedule, or routine! Warned them again & again but finally had to cut them off! No unsupervised visits with gma&gpa.

mother in law.always giving candy,treats,junk&doesn''t care about manners.I hate it. So now when I''m around I loudly,clearly say no you can wait&use your manners.

my mom has "grandma rules" & my rules don't apply. My oldest comes back entitled & a spoiled brat. I've already blown up and it didn't change.

my sister doesn't have kids & tells me how to parent. She doesn't follow my rules but tried to be the cool aunt with her own rules.

Exes parents feed my 18month old Cheetos, chocolate, and sugar non stop against my wishes. He comes home with diarrhea and rashes ALL THE TIME

my ex in-laws never did what we asked them to do with my kids. They refused to put a gate over there stairs and it took my son falling down the stairs to realize they needed the gate.

my MIL Will promise my kids treats after I have already said no. So then it gets really awkward and she gets mad at me for making her look like the bad guy for not being able to keep her promise. This is after they have already had two or three different types of desserts or treats. She does it knowing I will cave-in.

Literally quit speaking to my parents for 2.5 years because I got tired of explaining our rules to them and why they needed to respect them.

when I was a kid, at age 7 my grandma took me to a bar to play pinball machine my mom was pissed

my MIL always buys my kids things. I ask them to not, because I don''t want my kids to expect things. And she also tries to parent over me. If I''m correcting my kids she speaks over me and tries to parent them. I have talked to her repeatedly about it.

my mother in law took my daughter to st George swimming for the week and didn''t brush her hair once. She came home with a matted mess and we had to cut it all off.

My son has clearly documented allergies to dogs. I ask that he stay away from my parents dogs. My mom denies that he has the allergies and let''s himhandle her dogs. Sneezing, itching, and miserable. Thanks mom!

Brother in law and sis in law feeding their kids vegetarian. When they aren't around, grandma feeds them meat!

on our last camping trip my brother asked me how I felt about my teens having alcohol I said absolutely not the next day I found out he’d been sneaking it to him through the night

My son had add and I told my ex mother in law not to give my son root beer. And when I would pick him up they would send him home witha 2 liter. And when I said anything. I was told that rules don’t apply at grandma’s house. So frustrating.

my ex mother in law cut my infants hair while babysitting because she felt it was too long. That was my babys first haircut. There’s reasons why she is my EX mother in law

PO''d family. My SIL is vegan. She refuses to let my BRO or their kids eat any meat what so ever. When my nephew comes over I pumphim full of anything. He wants in my house. She hates me n I don’t care

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