TEXT TOPIC: What advice do you have for 2017 grads?

Life is short..only do things you love and that you're passionate about!

advice for class of 2017 Don't get married, go to college and truly find yourself before jumping into marriage at such a young age.

get out of your bubble, go experience another culture.. travel travel travel....

To the class of 2017, Don't try just do! Congrats to you all.

high school grads: don't spend money on college if it's not needed in your career choice. College isn't for everyone.

advice: don't ever think there's a job beneath you. Don't graduate expecting to earn 6 figures without any experience.

my principle said always don't be scared to fail it's life always look forward and never back

Work on getting a career and travel as much as you can before settling down and starting a family

Have some fun before you get your life started. Travel, play, and than get serious. But don't take too long to get started

don't marry your high school sweetheart. You'll end up being divorced in your 30s

right now is what matters. Your high school drama is in the past. Move forward

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