TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in your family that is addicted to pills?

i''ve been taking morphine every day for at least two years. I don''t want to take it anymore but I am terrified of withdrawal. I have to work and be able to function and I just don''t know how to stop

my whole damn family. They have doctors who will just write them whatever. I won''t even take an aspirin because I see how addicted they are.

My sister in law. She is currently in rehab for the 4th time that we know about....

"Mommy why is grandma crazy?" Well sweetie that's cuz grandma likes the Loritab.

my mom pops pills has for years we sit there and she tries to talk to us but her eyes roll in the back of her head. She makes me pick up my dads Percocet rx from the dr. every month too

My aunt has the pill problem. If anyone has something medical done you can count on her asking if we got anything good to help the pain

my mom has the pill problem. I trusted her to fill my meds after both my tonsilectomy and kidney stone surgery, she took the pain pills.

my grandma has such a bad pill problem that she doesn't have any common sense. And we can always tell when she is high.

I am the one with the pill problem. I have chosen not to take any at all even though I''m in constant pain cause I know I can''t control myself with them when depressed.

Fam member, orthopedic surgeon, lost $500k year job @ hospital, lost license, just got it back after 7 years, lost family, spent almost a year in jail for prescription fraud!

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