TEXT TOPIC: Did you get fired? Why?

I was in a sales call center and couldn't meet quotas..I hated harassing people so good riddance!

I was fired for going to a mental hospital for a suicide attempt. They said I took too much vacation time.

"Let go early" from X96/Movin 100.7. Still don't know why and it infuriates me. 2009. It's okay, I listen to you, not them!

Worked for my dad as a receptionist- part time when I was 18 for $5/hr. I was called in for a modeling job to do Photography session for for ZCMI $100/hr. Told him I would be in later that day- yea, he fired me!

told someone from my corporate office to pull their head out of their ass

Worked at a retirement home as a waiter. I was accused of leading a rebellion against the chef and they fired me... most of the crew then quit lol

was hired at the age of 15 at a local fast food joint and 3 days later I was let go because I wasn't 16 yet.. lol

2013 i was 8 months pregnant and had a lot of medical problems. I was fired from A call center for missing too many days..on Valentine's day

fired once. Got a job in 2004 that had a huge background, debt ratio, and reference check. Worked for 2-3 months when fired for not passing it.

worked for a gov contractor. Made them an extra $4 mil and they didn't want to pay a bonus

Got let go for helping my co workers too much. Call center. Managers were never around and I've done this for 6 years. Explain that to your wife.

got fired for giving a guest a 50 cent tip back on a hundred dollar check

Was fired from Wells Fargo over $5. I counted my till wrong thought I balance but was short $5 that day. They wanted to find any excuse to let me go.

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