TEXT TOPIC: Where did you do it in public?

sexy time in the family bathroom in the mall.....in Utah county! Just as we walked out security passed us to the restrooms.

on top of the Dee Events Center in Ogden, us on one side and our friends were gettin busy on the other side

Me and my wife got it on while watching fireworks on our roof. It was AMAZING.

My wife and I got it on in a racquetball court. Before we were married I got it on at work couple different times. Yea...lol

I have done it in a janitors closet and outside on a pressure cleaner that was behind a gate

Got it on at theme park by the pavilions right when they open no one is ever there

ladies room at the Golf Club in Park City with my boyfriend

worked at a bar and we got freaky on the pool table after the bar was closed

Dan's parking lot and Valley Fair movies

Banana Republic changing room and off the trail at a local ski resort

golf course where I clearly got a hole in one.

did it on the living room balcony with my girlfriend friend, while she slept in the bed room

Movie theater bathroom (men's side), steps of an apt complex, pool at an apt

cruise ship balcony during a thunderstorm!!!! So romance. Also my sister in laws couch

boat on Willard Bay one early weekday morning when no one was on the lake.

IHOP bathroom... enough said

golf course in the cart

picnic table at Yuba Lake!!!

In the pit of a lube shop

each time going scuba diving in every country on the ocean floor

conference room table

Thumbnail Picture: Wikimedia

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