TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Collections

I google earth the customer address while on phone with them.

we accept arrangements with nice people. If you are an AHole you are going to get repoed if you are past due.

elderly people with collections is difficult. You have to explain it over and over and over again & be very patient or you won't receive a dime.

husband works in cable collections. People will be rude not realizing he has the button to disconnect. Their tune changes when their tv turns off.

We could lie to get any info from neighbors, relatives or anyone willing to give info..also hardly ever use our real name. Bonuses for $ rec''d!! Ching ching

in collections/fraud. We use social media, call landlords, neighbors, employers etc to find you.

we also have access to many other tools to learn of marital status and many other things.

i love it and it may seem they don't care. Sometimes we offer discounts and are trying to help

I was a field collector for a local utility company. One time I went to a house and heard a scream so I kicked open the door to find the person I was trying to collect from actively engaged with a prostitute. Needless to say the money had already been spent and I did not collect

in collections for discover card in college.I was the WORST collector. I waived everyone''s fees and if they said theycouldn''t pay I''d be like okay, talk to you next month! I worked there 4 Months...

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